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Over 150,000 players sign new Minecraft mob vote petition

A Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 petition is calling on Mojang to instead add all three mobs players can choose from to the game, saying it tears players apart.

Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 petition: a pixelated world with two people, a penguin, and a crab

With the Minecraft Mob Vote incoming, which sees Mojang let players decide which of three mobs they’d like to see added to the game, a player-driven petition is gaining traction that wants Mojang to instead scrap the vote entirely and give players all three mobs. This Minecraft Mob Vote boycott already has thousands of signatures ahead of the vote results during Minecraft Live later this week, and the number is likely to grow.

The Minecraft Mob Vote has been part of Mojang’s yearly live events for the sandbox game since 2017, and it aims to directly engage with the community on what they’d like to see added to the game. The problem for players is the mobs that don’t win the vote, by however close a margin, never find their way into the full release of Minecraft after the fact; it’s just the winners themselves.

This is where the new Stop the Mob Vote petition comes in, it started on Saturday, October 7, and is already amassing over 150,000 votes and counting. It’s an open letter to Mojang to “Stop the Mob Vote” and “Give us three mobs each year” instead of the one most players vote for. Many are even calling a boycott of the vote altogether, with some even sharing wartime-inspired propaganda addressed to Mojang.

The Minecraft Mob Vote petition for 2023 gives players a choice between the armadillo, crab, and penguin, with the petition claiming that the decision “generates engagement by tearing the community apart, leaving fantastic ideas on the cutting room floor, and teasing content that will never be seen in the game.”

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“Many have expressed their discontent with the Mob Vote in the past, with fan favorites like the Moobloom not making it into the game, and with content creators mobilizing their fanbases to vote for the least popular option for the joke of screwing over the other voters. This shows that the mob vote is inherently flawed,” the Change.org petition adds.

Penned by Holly Mavermorne, the open letter also says that despite having the backing of Microsoft, players only get one small update each year, with this Minecraft Mob Vote boycott aiming to make sure that players can get all three mobs in one year instead.

The Minecraft Mob Vote petition is still live, with official voting set to kick off on Friday, October 13 ahead of Minecraft Live on Sunday, October 15. We’ve already broken down how to watch Minecraft Live and get involved with the voting if you want to, but the choice is yours.

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