The best Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Longsword build

Every item you need to make the best Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Longsword build, from equipping gear and jewel slots to assigning Switch Skills

Best Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Longsword build: a hunter wearing layered armour with a Gargwa helmet and a Longsword strapped to his back.

Want to make the best Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Longsword build? The decision of which items to craft and which of the new Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak monsters to hunt down is daunting, especially when there are so many different parts you can make for just one weapon. The possibilities are nearly endless, given that there are 16 weapon types in the RPG game.

Because the best Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Longsword build requires a lot of hard-to-get endgame items, it takes a while to acquire them all. While some materials, such as Supple Piel and Eltatite Ore, don’t require you to do anything too strenuous, others will need you to master hunt some of the toughest beasts in the game.

How to craft the best Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Longsword build

The aim of the best Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Longsword build is to deal lots of damage with critical hits by increasing your affinity. This build also utilises the Blood Rite skill introduced in the Sunbreak expansion. By targetting specific monster parts, Blood Rite converts a proportion of the damage dealt to broken monster parts directly to health.

Best Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Longsword build: a hunter wearing layered armour with a Gargwa helmet, running in the Shrine Ruins with a Longsworn drawn.


Abyssal Flicker is the weapon of choice for this build. It’s a dragon element Longsword with a high sharpness rating and a base attack of 340. It also has -25% affinity, which is less than ideal considering this build’s aim, but your armour and jewels mitigate this weakness. The Abyssal Flicker has no slots to insert decorations, but this isn’t a big deal as the armour for this build has plenty of that.

This rarity ten weapon is part of the Gaismagorm tree and requires a lot of high-level items to craft. Here’s everything you need to make an Abyssal Flicker:

  • Archdemon Backshell x2
  • Abyssal Dragonscale x4
  • Archdemon Piercetalon x3
  • Abyssal Dragonsphire x1
  • 66,000 Zenny

It does have one level 3 Rampage decoration slot, and we recommend you pick Daora Soul jewel. This jewel gradually increases your affinity if you continuously land hits on enemies in a short space of time. The Daora Soul jewel costs three Sovereign jewels and ten points in Master Rank Kushala materials to make.

Best Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Longsword build: several hunters fighting against a Magnamalo, including one equipped with a Longsword, in the swamp near the Shrine Ruins.

Armour, decorations and talismans

For this build, we’re going with a mix of different components from different armour sets. Don’t worry about this too much as you can equip layered armour to maintain a consistent visual style to avoid becoming a powerful fashion disaster.

To start, we recommend you equip the Goss Harag Helm X. This greatly reduces our resistance to fire and also hurts our thunder resistance, but we get some buffs to our defence against ice and water, and a base 106 defence. However, its main bonuses are the three skills: Critical Draw level 1, Agitator level 2, and Quick Sheathe level 1. To top it off, this helmet also comes equipped with a level 1 and 2 jewel slot.

The Malzeno armour pieces are the key components of this Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Longsword build. Malzeno Mail comes with a level 1 and level 2 jewel slot, Partbreaker level 1, Weakness Exploit level 1, and Blood Rite level 1. Blood Rite restores a small amount of health whenever you attack a broken part of a monster. You can boost this effect to its maximum level by equipping the Malzeno Coil. It gives you Blood Rite Lv2, Attack Boost Lv1, and Partbreaker Lv1, and it also grants you two level 1 jewel slots.

Equipping the Barioth Vambraces X reduces your fire and lightning resistances, but you get a small buff to ice resistance and a 108 base defence. You also get a level 1 and level 2 jewel slot, as well as the Critical Eye level 2, Maximum Might level 1, and Quick Sheath level 1 skills. Alloy Greaves X doesn’t provide a lot of defence stats and reduces elemental resistance to fire, thunder, and ice by one point each. However, it does give us a level 4 jewel slot and Critical Eye level 2.

Finally, regarding Petalaces and Talismans, we recommend you equip the Absolute Petalace for buffs to health, stamina, attack, and defence. For the talisman, try to create one from the shop via Melding that has the Critical Eye level 3 and Weakness Exploit level 2 armour skills, as well as a level 2 slot and two level 1 slots.

Here are the recipes for all of the armour and talismans in this build:

Armour name Armour recipe Armour skills
Goss Harag Helm X Solid Bone x1
Goss Finehide x4
Goss Harag Hardhorn x2
Lagombi Fur x2
Agitator Lv2
Critical Draw Lv1
Quick Sheathe Lv1
Malzeno Mail Malzeno Shard x3
Malzeno Cortex x3
Malzeno Fellwing x1
Malzeno Tail x1
Partbreaker Lv1
Weakness Exploit Lv1
Blood Rite Lv1
Barioth Vambraces X Supple Piel x3
Cryo Sac x2
Barioth Cortex x4
Barioth Thickfur x1
Critical Eye Lv2
Maximum Might Lv1
Quick Sheathe Lv1
Malzeno Coil Malzeno Shard x3
Malzeno Cortex x4
Malzeno Tail x1
Bloody Parasite x2
Attack Boost Lv1
Blood Rite Lv2
Partbreaker Lv1
Alloy Greaves X Dragonite Ore x2
Frocium x1
Eltalite Ore x1
Critical Eye Lv2
Absolute Petalace Complete ‘A Blaze Among Beasts’ and ‘May Fire Quell Fury’ side quests from Elder Fugen N/A
Talisman N/A Critical Eye Lv3
Weakness Exploit Lv2


With all of our equipment, we have a total of one level 4, four level 2, and seven level 1 jewel slots to fill. Here are our recommendations:

  • Critical jewel level 2 x3
  • Jumping jewel level 4 x1
  • Sheathe jewel level 2 x1
  • Steadfast jewel level 1 x3
  • Grinder jewel level 1 x3
  • Brace jewel level 1 x1
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Equipment skills

With all of the equipment and jewels assigned, it can be difficult to keep track of which skills your equipment gives you. Here is a list of what you get with this build and what they do to help you win against even the most formidable monsters:

  • Blood Rite level 3 – a proportion of damage dealt is converted to health when you strike a broken monster part. At skill level 3, this dramatically increases the amount of health you recover per hit.
  • Agitator level 2 – +8 attack and +5% affinity when large monsters become enraged.
  • Critical Eye level 7 – increases affinity by 40%.
  • Quick Sheathe level 3 – significantly increases sheathing speed.
  • Attack Boost level 1 – +3 attack power.
  • Maximum Might level 1 – increases affinity by 10% if stamina is kept full for a short time.
  • Weakness Exploit level 3 – you have +50% affinity if you attack a monster’s weak spot.
  • Partbreaker level 2 – increases part damage by 20%.
  • Critical Draw level 2 – increases affinity by 30% for a short time after performing a draw attack (does not include Silkbind attacks).
  • Critical Boost level 3 – increases damage dealt by critical hits by 40%.
  • Evade Extender level 1 – slightly extends evasion distance.
  • Stun Resistance level 3 – prevents stun.
  • Speed Sharpening level 3 – removes three cycles from the sharpening process.
  • Flinch Free level 1 – prevents knockbacks.
  • Kushala Daora Soul (Rampage) – affinity gradually increases when continuously landing hits on foes

Best Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Longsword build: the Switch Skill swap scrolls menu.

Switch Skills

Now that you have your equipment sorted, we turn to the simpler task of assigning Switch Skills. These skills directly change what attacks you can execute when you press buttons. New to Sunbreak are scrolls that allow you to swap between two fully customisable Switch Skill loadouts on the fly. You have the freedom to pick combo and Silkbind attacks. Here are our Switch Skill picks for this Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Longsword build:

Red Swap Scroll

  • Drawn Double Slash
  • Spirit Reckoning Combo
  • Special Sheathe Combo
  • Silkbind Sakura Slash
  • Harvest Moon

Blue Swap Scroll

  • Drawn Double Slash
  • Spirit Roundslash Combo
  • Sacred Sheathe Combo
  • Tempered Spirit Blade
  • Harvest Moon

Buddy builds

Separate from your character, you can take at least one companion (two if playing single-player) into a hunt. Before Sunbreak, your pet’s build was largely inconsequential outside of learning all of their moves, but they can now help you with assignable Buddy Skills. We recommend that you use two Palamutes (or one in multiplayer) equipped with the following loadout:

  • Gear Slot 1 – Guarding Parasol
  • Gear Slot 2 – Heal Blade Scroll (first Palamute) or Heavy Strike Scroll (second Palamute)
  • Skill Memories – Buddy Partbreaker, Knockout King, Status Attack Up

After equipping all of these items, you should have everything you need to take on the endgame monsters with ease. Getting to this point in the game takes time, especially if you’re still running high-rank gear, so you may wish to learn where to find Prized Pelts and Awegite to craft armour that’s good for the early part of the expansion.