Bannerlord money guide: how to make money fast in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

So you want to get rich quick in Bannerlord? Here are some quick tips


How do you make money fast in Bannerlord? After 11 years the next Mount & Blade has finally arrived in early access and the player count is off the charts as fans of the series rejoice.

Modders have already been busy creating mods for Bannerlord, players are tearing up the battlefield as a baby, and there’s all the Bannerlord cheats and commands available. You’re ready to get settled in for a long sesh of ruling kingdoms and abolishing armies to take over an empire. Oh, if you only had the money to do it.

Bannerlord can be a long slog towards victory if you’re not making money quickly and efficiently. There are some quests and missions that will earn you a fair bit of denar, but if you’re looking for easy and quick ways to seamlessly make money – here are a few tips on how to make money fast in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord.

Hunt bandits

You’ll find plenty of bandits on your journey through Bannerlord and it’s always worth killing them, they provide a lot of loot you can later sell and they’re pretty easy to take down. Another way to get your mitts on some loot is by looting villages, which churn up all sorts of valuable items and gold. It isn’t however the best route, as looting or attacking villages will hinder your relationship with the owner, and it will come back to bite you in the rear at a later date. Hunting bandits is much more agreeable, so make it a part of your daily grind.


Although they take a while to get off the ground, Bannerlord caravans can be a great source of revenue that can quietly tick over and earn you a lot of profit. There are social trade skills that are worth buying to boost your profits and by adopting the supply and demand system, buying cheap items and travelling to sought after areas to sell them, you’ll be rolling in denar in no time. Bannerlord workshops can be a more reliable alternative of income, although they require a little more attention than caravans to ensure they’re profitable.

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It’s a little less noble, but you can also ransom prisoners you acquire from bandit raids and looters you encounter. Early on you can’t recruit these unless you have a key skill, so ransoming them to a nearby settlement is a great way to convert some quick currency.


This is another win-win way to earn money quickly. You won’t lose anything by entering arenas found in the cities, even if you lose the fight. It’s a great way to practice combat and you can bet against yourself, so if you come out victorious you’ll earn denar, but also an item you can choose to keep or sell.