Bannerlord workshops: best workshop locations

How to find workshops in Bannerlord and get the most income from their trade


What is the best Bannerlord workshop? If you want to turn your hand to making money in Bannerlord through trading, workshops could be your best bet.

There are different types of workshops you can purchase in cities, and they tend to not be as risky as Bannerlord caravans and they are a steady form of income. They are, however, quite pricey to purchase. A workshop in Bannerlord will cost 15,000 denar, but are worth it for long-term income. The money you make from workshops and the amount of workshops you can have at one time increases as your clan levels up as well.

There are 11 different types of workshops in Bannerlord including, Wood Workshop, Smithy, Silversmith, Brewery, Wine Press, Olive Press, Linen Weavery, Velvet Weavery, Wool Weavery, Pottery Shop, and Tannery. You can pay 2,000 denar to change the workshop to another type, which is a good option if supply and demand changes within the city.

Bannerlord workshop locations

To find a workshop in Bannerlord, you’ll need to search cities and villages by exploring and holding down the ALT key. Once you’ve found your desired workshop, talk to the shopkeeper and you’ll be able to purchase the workshop.

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Some workshop locations earn better income than others and the trick to this is checking which resources the bound villages are churning out and are going cheap. So if the bound village has an abundance of cheap grain, then having a Brewery workshop in the city is best.

Bannerlord best workshops

We’ve found the best workshops are Pottery Shops and Wood Workshops. For Pottery Shops, you’ll want to look for cities with bound villages producing clay – we suggest Marunath and Pen Cannoc, where you can expect to see an income of around 300-400 denars. The same goes for Wood Workshops, you’ll find villages producing hardwood in Marunath and Dunglanys.

Here are the resources, type, and product for each workshop:

Resource Workshop Product
Iron Ore/Hardwood Smithy Weapons
Olives Olive Press Oil
Grain Brewery Beer
Clay Pottery Shop Pottery
Grapes Wine Press Wine
Rawhide Tannery Leather/Armour
Silver Silversmith Jewellery
Hardwood Wood Workshop Bows/arrows/shields
Wool Wool Weavery Clothing
Cotton Velvet Weavery Clothing
Flax Linen Weavery Clothing

Your purchased Bannerlord workshop also increases in value over time, so you can always sell it to make a steep profit to refunnel back into more workshops.