Upcoming MSI OLED gaming monitor packs Samsung QD tech

MSi has unveiled a new OLED gaming monitor that uses Samsung QD technology, and it's set to compete with the Alienware AW3423DW and LG's desk display

MSI OLED gaming monitor on MSI blue themed backdrop with yellow tone image of dragon on screen

An MSI OLED gaming monitor is on the way, and it harnesses the power of Samsung’s QD tech. Dubbed the MEG 342C QD-OLED, the company says the curved display will be “the best way to explore realistic and vivid gaming scenes,” while an 175Hz refresh rate makes it an attractive option for FPS game enthusiasts.

Announced at Computex, MSI calls its new OLED gaming monitor a “masterpiece” and highlights its colour capabilities. Samsung claims its Quantum Dot technology can produce better results than LG’s current OLED panels, something it seemingly pairs with enhanced brightness.

MSI’s 34-inch gaming monitor will no doubt appeal to visual enthusiasts, as a QD OLED screen will help breathe life into games big and small. Yet, the panel doesn’t skimp on other specs in the name of colour accuracy, as the display’s 0.1ms response time means you’ll be able to maintain peak performance in the likes of Call of Duty: Warzone

We’re not sure when MSI’s QD gaming monitor will actually arrive, but it won’t be the only high-spec screen on the battlefield. LG is set to release its first OLED desk display, while Samsung’s Odyssey G8QNB will also arrive on the scene. Of course, the Alienware AW3423DW has already landed, so all three upcoming competitors will have to put up a fight.

If you’d prefer to invest in a panel that boasts ridiculous refresh rates, Asus has you covered with a 500Hz gaming monitor that’s sure to make even the best graphics cards sweat. The next wave of best gaming monitors is about to set the gaming PC bar even higher, but new VESA AdaptiveSync certification standards should help make choosing the right display easier.