Best Multiversus Finn perks and combos

Find out which are the best Multiversus Finn perks to equip onto the assassin-type character, and the best combos you need to master

Best Multiversus Finn perks: Finn is cheering outside of his Fort in the Land of Ooo.

Want to know what the best Multiversus Finn perks and combos are? He’s an assassin-type character, specialising in zipping in to deal damage at opportune moments before dashing out to safety. His move set also gives him plenty of relentless ground-based combos, a trait usually found in bruisers. As a result, he’s one of the best characters in the Multiversus tier list.

Using the best Multiversus Finn perks and combos, you can launch enemies high into the sky, making them vulnerable to follow-up juggle attacks. However, he’s also a glass cannon and relatively light, so if you’re not careful or well-prepared, you may suffer a ring-out due to an exceptionally hard-hitting blow.

Best Multiversus Finn perks: all of Finn's signature perks.

Best Multiversus Finn perks

Firstly, to get the best out of Finn, you need to choose the best Multiversus perks. As of the most recent update, here are the best signature and ally perks for the hero from the Land of Ooo:

  • Signature perk – Going Out Of Business
  • Ally perks – Stronger Than Ever, Wildcat Brawler, and Slippery Customer

Going Out Of Business lowers the cost of all the items in Finn’s shop by 200 gold for 10 seconds after Finn’s ally rings out. If Finn ever reaches 100 damage, this discount triggers and lasts until an opponent eliminates him.

For the ally perks, Stronger Than Ever gives Finn’s team armour for five seconds whenever either teammate respawns. If your ally also chooses this perk, this effect lasts seven seconds, giving you more time to get stuck in and set up a combo.

Wildcat Brawler improves Finn’s ground attacks by buffing his damage by 5%, or 10% if your ally has this perk. If your enemy takes more damage, the further they fly when you hit them with a hard attack. Finally, Slippery Customer gives you a 10% longer dodge invulnerability window which is especially helpful when dodging attacks to set up a combo.

Best Multiversus Finn perks: Finn hitting two other Finns, along with Tom and Jerry, in a multi-hit combo outside an airfield.

Best Finn combos

For the sake of those playing a platform fighter for the first time, we’ll use some terminology to describe moves. Every move has a neutral, up, down, and side version. So, for example, we’ll list pressing the Normal attack button without angling the analogue stick as a “Neutral-Normal”. Here’s what each button is on your control pad of choice:

  • Normal attack (normals): Square (PlayStation), X (Xbox), Y (Switch Pro), Left mouse button (keyboard and mouse)
  • Special attack (specials): Triangle (PlayStation), Y (Xbox), X (Switch Pro), Right mouse button (keyboard and mouse)

Despite Finn’s assassin role making him take more damage, your best option with Finn is to launch enemies into the air in the middle of a Side-Normal combo, then pursue the enemy to hit them with jumping Up-Normals or Up-Specials. You should also pick up coins while the enemy is falling back to the ground so that you have at least 500 to make the final hit of Finn’s Up-Special hit for the most damage possible. If your enemy survives, Finn’s air Down-Normal is one of the quickest in the game and is a deadly option to spike your foe to the bottom of the screen.

Here are some of the best combos that launch enemies far towards the edge of the screen.

  • Air Juggle combo: Jump, Air Down-Normal, Up-Normal, Air Up-Special
  • Knockback combo: Jump, Air Down-Normal, Air Neutral-Normal, Side-Normal
  • Air Knockback combo: Up-Normal, Jump, Air Side-Normal, Air Side-Special
  • High Damage ring-out combo: Jump, Air Side-Normal, Side-Normal, Down-Normal
  • Air ring-out combo: Jump, Air Down-Normal, Air Side-Normal, Air Up-Special, Air Side-Normal, Air Up-Special

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With all of the best Multiversus Finn perks equipped and his most lethal combos mastered, you should be well on your way to winning matches. However, make sure you take some time to train with Finn in The Lab, as learning the timing is key to getting those critical eliminations in this popular fighting game. While you’re here, why not find out about all of the new Multiversus characters coming to the game very soon, and learn how to toast your fellow fighters?