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New World Amrine Excavation guide

Raid party composition, boss strategies, and raid loot stats explained

Several players gathered around pillars in the New World Amrine Excavation.

Want to know how to beat the Amrine Excavation expedition in New World? This is the first of many raid dungeons in the game, and if you’ve been playing alone up until now, you will now need a party that can withstand attacks from stronger monsters. You should probably brush up on using the best weapons and define whether you’re a DPS character or a supporting player.

Much like the raid dungeons from the best MMO games, this dungeon is split into several segments. While the vast majority of this first expedition is relatively straightforward with the right team composition, there are a couple of hurdles that may stump you if this is your first time going in.

To help you with the first major raid of the game, we figured we’d give you some tips for what kind of party works best for completing the Amrine Excavation expedition in New World. So here are some solutions to the trickier challenges and a list of the available rare loot you can find within.

Amrine Excavation tips

  • Location: Windsward – north of the settlement, west of Noblereach, and east of the fort
  • Items required: Amrine Tuning Orb (make with the following items at a tier two Stonecutter)
    • Corrupted Silver x10 (Close tier one Corrupted Breaches)
    • Iron Chisel x1 (Buy at a Faction Vendor for 500 faction points)
    • Stone Block x50 (Refine stones at a tier two Stonecutter) 
    • Eternal Heart x1 (Combine Death Mote x50, Life Mote x50, and Soul Mote x50 at a Stonecutter)
  • Recommended level: 25
  • Minimum completion requirements: we recommend having at least two decent healers and three DPS-focused characters to make the final fight a breeze. It’s much tougher without a healer at all.

So how should your raid team look going in? First of all, if you need a hand with matchmaking with specific friends, we’ve produced a guide on how to play with friends in New World since there are some factors you will need to consider before even starting your adventure. If you want any old team, though, pay attention to the global chat for anyone asking for fellow party members. They may also indicate what type of party member they are looking for.

Several players fighting the New World Amrine Excavation boss - Simon Grey.

As for the team composition, so long as everyone is at the recommended level of 25, you will need at least two healers for the final room of the dungeon. This is so that there is always someone healing the rest of the party, even when one of the healers is distracted by dodging the boss as it tries to punch you with its massive fists. You’ll also need a couple of DPS-focused allies, especially if they chose the best New World weapon types available at this point in the game. Finally, status ailments are a nice bonus to have but are not required to complete the dungeon.

As this is the first raid dungeon, the majority of it is pretty easy. However, there are three main areas you need to be mindful of as your team of adventurers enters them.

  • Around halfway through the dungeon, you’ll come across a shrine. Before activating the shrine, clear out all of the other enemies in the area first. This is because activating the shrine spawns Nakashima’s Ghost – the dungeon’s mid-boss.
  • While fighting Nakashima’s Ghost, be sure to dodge out of the purple circle that appears when fighting it. His astral projections inflict heavy damage.
  • Once you’ve beaten Nakashima’s Ghost, activate the bridge by stepping on the three pressure pads. Plan where you’re all going to reunite with each other afterwards, preferably somewhere on the ground floor, as the respawning foes may overwhelm non-DPS teammates.
  • Make sure that everyone’s in the boss room before triggering the boss fight by attacking his shield. If the main door closes, that character will be locked out of the fight.
  • The boss of this dungeon is Simon Grey. He’s a variant of the ogre-like enemies you’ve faced before. While fighting him, have your two healers constantly healing, as the enemies he generates do a lot of damage.
  • The minions respawning near Simon Grey need to be defeated, or your team may get overwhelmed fast.
  • Make sure if Simon Grey is targeting you that you focus solely on dodging his attacks. He can easily wipe out half your health in one hit.

A list of the available rewards for completing the Amrine Excavation in New World. The player is reading a map.

Amrine Excavation rare item rewards

While you are not guaranteed to receive any of these items upon completing the expedition, there is a chance you could walk away with rare loot. These items bind on pickup, so you can’t farm the expedition for more items to stock the auction house, making a fortune in the process. These items can be dismantled for spare parts if you don’t get the one that you want, though, so it’s not as much of a setback if you don’t get what you want.

Here are all of the rare items available for completing the Amrine Excavation:

Simon Grey’s Toothpick

  • Type: Rapier
  • Tier: III
  • Scales with: Dexterity/Intelligence
  • Weight: 4.0
  • Level requirement: 25
  • Gear Score: 370
  • Damage: 269
  • Critical hit chance: 5.0%
  • Critical Damage multiplier: 1.4
  • Block stamina damage: 28.0
  • Blocking stability: 15%
  • Thrust damage: 111
  • +17 Dexterity
  • Keen: +7.4% critical chance
  • Keenly Empowered: On critical, gain 15% Empower for five seconds (Cooldown ten seconds)

Flare Spark

  • Type: Fire Staff
  • Tier: III
  • Scales with: Intelligence
  • Weight: 11.2
  • Level requirement: 27
  • Gear Score: 355
  • Damage: 232
  • Critical hit chance: 4.0%
  • Critical Damage multiplier: 1.2
  • Block stamina damage: 28.0
  • Blocking stability: 15%
  • Fire damage: 100
  • +16 Intelligence
  • Accelerating Flamethrower: Applying three stacks of burn damage on a target with Flamethrower grants Haste, increasing movement speed by 14% for two seconds
  • Refreshing Evasion: Reduces active cooldowns by 0.73% after exiting the dodge animation.

Darkness Defined

  • Type: Great Axe
  • Tier: III
  • Scales with: Strength
  • Weight: 9.6
  • Level requirement: 25
  • Gear Score: 370
  • Damage: 317
  • Critical hit chance: 3.0%
  • Critical Damage multiplier: 1.4
  • Block stamina damage: 56.0
  • Blocking stability: 25%
  • Slash damage: 149
  • +17 Strength
  • Chain Void: On hit, cause a Chain Void attack that bounces between close targets. Does not trigger off persistent damage or DoT effects
  • Enchanted: Light and Heavy attacks deal 7.5% more damage

Simon’s Hacksilver Ring

  • Type: Jewelry
  • Tier: III
  • Weight: 0.1
  • Level requirement: 25
  • Gear Score: 370
  • +17 Strength
  • Physical Ward II: 1.5% physical damage absorption
  • Slash damage: You deal 4% more slash damage

Nakashima’s Keepsake

  • Type: Jewelry
  • Tier: III
  • Weight: 0.1
  • Level requirement: 25
  • Gear Score: 370
  • +14 Intelligence
  • Physical Ward II: 1.5% physical damage absorption
  • Mana Recovery: When you are hit while below 50%, gain 75 mana (60 seconds cooldown). Does not trigger off persistent damage or DoT effects

You should now have everything you need to prepare for your first trip into the Amrine Excavation expedition in New World. After finishing it, it may be some time until the next expedition, but you can get a head start by checking out our New World Starstone Barrows guide.

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