No Man’s Sky 2022 expeditions are running again for the holidays

For a limited time over the holidays, you can re-run all of the No Man's Sky 2022 expeditions, including Exobiology, Blighted, Leviathan, and Polestar

No Man's Sky 2022 expeditions redux: A small spaceship approaches an alien 'space whale' with planets and a binary star system in the background

All the No Man’s Sky 2022 expeditions are going to be available to run again over this holiday season. After the success of last year’s holiday expedition ‘redux’ event, developer Hello Games has decided to re-run this year’s slate of expeditions in the colourful space game, starting with Exobiology and ending with Polestar.

No Man’s Sky expeditions are special, limited-time events built around a particular theme that bring travellers together to experience a shared, curated adventure. Hello Games says the expeditions help them encourage players to try out aspects of the game they’ve forgotten about or missed, and they also offer up unique rewards.

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This year, you’ll be able to replay each of the four 2022 expeditions, one at a time. Here are the dates for each one:

Everyone participating in expeditions shares the space, so it’s a unique opportunity to go exploring with a big group of fellow No Man’s Sky players.

We spoke with No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray earlier this year about the big 4.0 ‘Waypoint’ update, which brought hundreds of quality-of-life improvements to the game as it made the jump to the Nintendo Switch.