Nvidia announces DLSS and Reflex support for Battlefield 2042, but no ray tracing

It's not the only game to gain DLSS support

Doom Eternal finally received its long-awaited ray tracing and DLSS update yesterday, over a year since its initial release, but it’s not the only game set to benefit from Nvidia’s tech. EA’s upcoming Battlefield 2042 and Rust will also pack a range of features for those using the company’s best graphics cards, helping you improve both your own and your system’s performance.

The next Battlefield game will contain DLSS to help you boost fps, along with support for Nvidia Reflex to aid your reaction times. But, oddly, there’s no sign of ray tracing , despite the feature appearing in Battlefield V. 2042 is once again created in partnership with Nvidia, calling into question whether AMD and Nvidia GTX users will benefit from the newly released FidelityFX Super Resolution alternative. Fortunately, AMD mentions Frostbite as a compatible engine, so there’s still some hope.

Despite launching over three years ago, Rust will also get Nvidia DLSS on July 1. Ray tracing and FidelityFX Super Resolution are now the only two modern features the survival game is missing after the developers treated it to Nvidia Reflex back in May, but with the amount of attention it’s getting in 2021, there’s still room for more updates.

We’re still waiting to see whether AMD’s relatively-new FSR can become as widespread as DLSS in the best PC games. There are currently eight titles with support, although that list could expand fast considering the 40-plus game developers partnering up with AMD.