Nvidia expects RTX 2060 12GB GPU stock to improve by the end of the month

Many hoped that the release of the Nvidia RTX 2060 12GB could grant them a cheap graphics card upgrade for their gaming PC, but it's done anything but that.

An Nvidia RTX 2060 against a black background

10/12/21 Nvidia has provided a statement regarding the lack of stock following the GPU’s launch.

Nvidia launched its RTX 2060 12GB GPU this week, but you’d be forgiven for not realising, as the company has done little to promote the card’s release. In fact, team green is yet to release an MSRP for it and even cancelled a Founders Edition version of the graphics card. Now, it appears that some major retailers are yet to receive “sufficient stock” to warrant listing Nvidia’s new GPU, let alone sell it.

We spoke to a representative from UK retailer Scan, who told us that “we’ll be listing the RTX 2060 12GB when we have sufficient stock to sell on the website. This avoids creating the situation where we take pre-orders but cannot confirm to customers when they might receive their order”.

While the ongoing chip shortage and the cryptocurrency boom have severely impacted the availability of the best graphics cards, many hoped that Nvidia’s decision to re-release the RTX 2060 would help alleviate stock issues. Unfortunately, it appears to have done little to address the depressing circumstances we continue to find ourselves in.

To make matters worse, the RTX 2060 12GB apparently doesn’t come with the same LHR limiters that Nvidia implemented on its RTX 3000 series. In benchmarks conducted by PCMarket, the Turing GPU was able to mine at 31.65MH/s compared to the Ampere card’s 22.1MH/s, an increase of 41%.

Speaking to PC Gamer, an Nvidia spokesperson says that “partner card availability to ramp starting the end of December through January”. While this remains to be seen, here’s hoping GPU availability improves when RTX 4000 and RDNA 3 roll around in 2022.