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Overwatch 2 character bug with Mercy prompts future Blizzard hotfix

An Overwatch 2 character glitch that lets Mercy players stop the push payload in the competitive multiplayer FPS game is being looked at by Blizzard

Overwatch 2 character glitch with Mercy being looked at by Blizzard: a close up of hero Mercy, with her white armour, halo ring, and big wings

Plenty of Overwatch 2 characters have bugs and glitches in the Blizzard FPS game, but when you’re in a competitive environment one of the worst things that can happen is when said bugs completely turn the tide in the multiplayer game. This is why a new Overwatch 2 bug has been very quickly flagged by players, with Blizzard already being made aware of the issue.

The bug involves the Esperança map and Overwatch 2 character Mercy, as they can stand in some blocks and even use the sitting emote to become almost invisible, and due to the placement this can stop the robot in the Push game mode from moving.

The real kicker comes when you realise that you can’t actually shoot Mercy through the stones they sit inside of, meaning they can just camp with invincibility to win the game. According to YouTuber Blame The Controller though, you can just “punch Mercy in the face” to get her out of the spot, creating some of your own Overwatch 2 character lore in the process.

You won’t have to deal with the bug for long though, as a Blizzard community manager responded to a thread on the issue saying it’s been flagged with the team, and will be fixed in an update.

“Forwarding this to our team to check out. As always, please be sure to report this bug in the bug report forums so our QA folks can track it there as well,” the community manager says. “And to follow up, this is fixed in an upcoming update!”

We don’t know exactly when the fix will be implemented, but at least any and all Overwatch 2 characters can take it to a camping Mercy with a simple punch to her face, which is simple enough. As she’s emoting in the hiding spot too, you don’t need to worry about her firing back when you investigate, unless she pops her head up, but then the jig is up, too.

This Mercy issue isn’t the only out of bounds glitch currently impacting Overwatch 2 characters, as Mei’s return has been marred by the reappearance of an ice wall glitch with Kiriko that lets the support go out of bounds herself. You can also find the Reddit thread flagging the Mercy issue at our link.

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