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Overwatch 2 Kiriko glitch persists as Mei returns to the FPS

An Overwatch 2 Kiriko glitch continues to let the new support hero travel out of bounds on certain maps as Mei returns to the Blizzard multiplayer FPS game

Overwatch 2 Kiriko glitch - Kiriko holds her hands out palms-up, a glowing ofuda resting on them as she smiles to the viewer

An Overwatch 2 Kiriko glitch allowing her to skip out of bounds on several of the FPS game’s maps is still able to make use of a combo with Mei’s ice wall after the frosty hero returned to action in the latest Overwatch 2 update. A number of persistent Mei ice wall bugs caused Blizzard to temporarily disable Mei for two and a half weeks as they addressed several issues. However, Kiriko can still work in conjunction with her – along with other heroes including Wrecking Ball – to break the game in various ways, leading some fans to ask why this problem with one of the best support heroes right now isn’t being addressed.

Among the problems created by Mei’s ice wall is an issue which allows it to be combined with Kiriko’s swift step teleport skill to hop neatly through the geometry of certain Overwatch 2 maps and into otherwise unreachable areas. It appears that, despite Mei’s rather lengthy absence that was purported to address all her currently known issues, you can still hop outside the map by leaping to her as Kiriko while she’s atop her ice wall. The video below showcases the glitch in action on the final stretch of Dorado.

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Players report that a similar bug caused when teleporting to Wrecking Ball in certain locations on several maps such as specific stair sets in new maps Paraíso and Colosseo is still present in the game also. In certain cases, this can even be used while still inside the spawn area, allowing Kiriko to get into the walls and then switch out to a different hero altogether.

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All these continued issues have led some players to question why Blizzard hasn’t disabled Kiriko from play in Overwatch 2, given that she appears to be the key contributing factor. It’s worth noting, however, that other problems with Mei also contributed to her removal, so this glitch likely wasn’t the sole reason. Nevertheless, some speculate that Blizzard may be reluctant to remove Kiriko as she is the game’s newest hero and is currently part of the season one Overwatch 2 battle pass.

“The bug is in Kiriko’s ability,” one user remarks in a thread about the original bug, “Can’t disable her though as there’s a skin in the store.” Another player responds, speculating that “She is the main reason most buy the battle pass. They don’t have the guts to disable the real problem.” Another thread says, “The OW team is not doing a good job at being proactive about bugs, only dealing with them when they become catastrophic.” It’s certainly something that the community will be keeping close watch on to see how Blizzard responds.

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