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Overwatch 2 character skins now sold separately, players still miffed

Despite skins for Overwatch 2 characters now being purchasable individually, many fans of the FPS multiplayer game don't think Blizzard's change is of value

Overwatch 2 character skins now sold separately, players still miffed: close up of Overwatch 2 character Kiriko in a Witch-themed skin, smirking and holding some paper

Players that have been buying skins for their Overwatch 2 characters are reacting to the news that some cosmetic bundles will let you buy just the skins at a cheaper price in the FPS game. The consensus seems to be that while this is a step in the right direction for Blizzard’s multiplayer game, the skins for Overwatch 2 characters are still priced too high, with players feeling like they’re almost being scammed.

The issue of Overwatch 2 characters and their purchasable skins has been ongoing since launch, but now Blizzard has released a statement confirming that skins in featured shop bundles (not the ‘for you’ picks in the store though) can be purchased individually.

“In order to give players more options in how they purchase cosmetic items, we have enabled individual purchasing of most items contained within featured shop bundles, including skins and weapon charms,” says Blizzard on the Overwatch 2 forums. “Though we believe bundles represent great value for players who want to buy all the included items, we understand that some players may want to purchase certain bundled items separately at their full price.”

Of all the Overwatch 2 characters impacted by this, players are gravitating towards the Kiriko Witch skin. After being heavily promoted by Blizzard as part of a 2,600 coin bundle (which some seem to have bought for the skin alone), the Kiriko Witch skin can be bought on its own for 1,900 coins, which many think is still too much.

“Blizzard your pricing choices you are making for your in-game shop, with your ‘discounts’ that are a joke. That’s what people want you to change,” says GeoGhostX.

While many see the change to skins for Overwatch 2 characters as a small victory, it’s still just that, a small victory. “While I appreciate it,” says Kaladon. “It doesn’t change the fact that your items are wildly overpriced, not to mention you guys certainly knew what you were doing when you locked items in bundles to force players with FOMO to spend more.”

Player backlash to Overwatch 2’s cosmetics and monetisation has been ongoing, with the likes of an Overwatch 2 coin debt glitch impacting a few select players, or the Overwatch 2 Halloween event having the only earnable skin awarded for not actually playing the game. You can find the Blizzard statement regarding skin bundles here.

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