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Overwatch 2 hero 37 set to be a “stronger support”

Blizzard has said the next Overwatch 2 hero will be a support, coming in season 4 after tank Ramattra arrives in the FPS game later this year

Overwatch 2 hero 37 set to be a "stronger support"

Some information about the next Overwatch 2 hero has been revealed, with Blizzard confirming that we can expect the next hero in the multiplayer game to fit into the support class. Very little else was revealed about the Overwatch support hero, but we do know when to expect it after Overwatch 2 hero 36 Ramattra.

This comes from Overwatch commercial leader and VP at Blizzard Jon Spector, who attended an Overwatch 2 meet and greet event in Korea where they were asked about what we can expect from the next Overwatch 2 character in the FPS game.

“Hero development takes a long time,” explains Spector. “You have to come up with ideas from the beginning of development to the end. It starts with figuring out a concept that players can enjoy. You have to be able to get into the worldview. Proceed in a direction that can broaden the overall hero pool. Each hero role is properly harmonised and released in order. Ramattra is a season 2 charge hero, and the next hero will be a stronger support hero.”

This comes from a transcription of the event in Inven (via Overwatch Cavalry), so please note that most of the above quote has been machine translated. That said, we did manually translate “the next hero will be a stronger support hero” to make sure it was correct.

So when can we expect the next Overwatch 2 hero after Ramattra? Well they won’t be coming in Overwatch 2 season 3, instead dropping sometime in 2023 alongside Overwatch 2 season 4, with the previous season containing a new map.

The new Overwatch 2 hero being a support will likely come as good news to many fans, as an Overwatch 2 support shakeup has been requested by players recently. After all, there’s only eight supports to choose from right now,

While we wait for the next Overwatch 2 hero to be properly revealed, we have plenty of guides to help you have a better experience in the shooter, with our list of the best Overwatch 2 settings and an Overwatch 2 tier list of the best characters in the game as well.