Overwatch 2 map built on Blizzard Twitch stream may be playable

Blizzard is building an Overwatch 2 map live on Twitch with community input, and Aaron Keller has teased that it may become playable in the multiplayer game

Overwatch 2 map built on Blizzard Twitch stream may be playable: Junker Queen in a Zeus inspired white robe, with yellow hands and hair with electricity coming off of her

Just in time to celebrate the holidays, Blizzard has announced an evening of Overwatch 2 map design, where multiple developers will take to Twitch to collaborate with the live chat to create a map for the multiplayer game in real time. There’s no word on the size or of the map or game mode it’s being around, but it’s sure to satiate all of those hoping for an Overwatch Yule Log 2.0.

The “night of merry map design” is being touted as a sort of “Twitch makes Overwatch,” with the stream set to take place during Overwatch 2 season 2 on the official Overwatch Twitch channel on December 21 at 5pm PST, 8pm EST, and December 22 at 1am GMT, 2am CET, and 12pm AEDT.

Both art director Dion Rogers and game director Aaron Keller will be making the map on stream, with Keller saying that Blizzard will “be using our internal tools to do this. I am a little rusty, so go easy on me.

“Super excited to be doing this with all of you and Dion,” Keller adds. “We’re hoping to use your input to design and build a map, in our editor, and to just have fun. Who knows? Maybe it’s something we’ll be able to play together in the future!”

Despite Keller’s comment, it’s unclear if this will ever actually be playable by the community, but unless it comes to the stream almost finished, I doubt one evening of development and chat input is going to lead to something fair and playable. Then again, that doesn’t seem like the point, as this feels more like a way to hang out with the Overwatch 2 community than anything else.

We also don’t know exactly how the chat will get involved with building the Overwatch 2 map for the FPS game. I doubt it’ll be on the level of Twitch plays Pokémon, that’s for sure.

You can find the stream on the official Overwatch Twitch channel. Alternatively, you can find out more about the Overwatch 2 World Cup, which Blizzard has confirmed is set to return next year.

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