Overwatch 2 McDonald’s discovery may hint at tasty collab

Overwatch 2 McDonald's items would be a great way to kick off the sequel, and it turns out Blizzard may have a collab planned following a new menu option

Overwatch 2 McDonalds discover may hint at tasty collab: Anniversary Junfood Junkrat skin sips a soda from a paper cup while looking sheepish

Overwatch 2 McDonald’s items are the perfect way to celebrate the next chapter of Blizzard’s iconic FPS game, and it looks like that crossover may be in the works following a new addition to the behind the scenes menu screen at a couple of Australian restaurants.

After years of waiting, the Overwatch 2 release date is finally within reach. With three new characters entering the fray and a whole host of new maps, the highly anticipated sequel is set to breathe new life into the series.

To do so, Blizzard have already launched an extensive beta campaign (although there will be no more betas before release) and will likely celebrate launch with a whole plethora of unique events both inside and outside the game.

One of these may just be an Overwatch 2 McDonald’s crossover, as one eagle-eyed fan has spotted a new ‘Overwatch 2’ button on the restaurant’s till system, implying that something is coming.

Overwatch 2 McDonalds discover could hint at tasty collab: Overwatch characters Lucio Moira Pharah Echo Winston Mercy Sojourn Junker Queen Zenyatta Mercy fighting one another on Watchpoint Gibraltar

Spotted in one of the fast food chain’s Australian restaurants, one fan has taken a photo of a new till option entitled ‘Overwatch 2.’

“I work at McDonald’s Australia and this has recently popped up on the menu, anyone know anything about this?” they ask. They’ve also added a video in response to concerns that the image is fake.

A similar thread on the competitive Overwatch subreddit reads “Overwatch 2 has appeared on the POS terminals at McDonald’s Australia. The Overwatch 2 meal may be on the cards.”

As someone who has worked in McDonald’s in the past, this new button looks like it would indeed be for a meal, not just a toy – otherwise it would just be listed as ‘toy’ (in the UK anyway).

In response, many a McDonald’s worker has weighed in on the situation. “I used to be a manager at McDs in Australia, can confirm that’s what the register layouts look like and that promo buttons will often have that flatter look to them, especially during the testing phase.

“I sent the picture to a friend who’s still a manager there asking if he had any details and he said he didn’t know anything but that the button is definitely there.”

On the flip side, another employee writes “as someone who is currently working at a McDonald’s in Australia and works in the drive through, I can say random things get added onto our POS terminals and just never get added to the menu. Just as a warning (hate to be the killjoy), don’t get your hopes up just yet.”

Others have decided to speculate what an Overwatch 2 meal would look like. “Winston burger,” writes one, while another comments “can I have one Overwatch 2 please?” As a response, one fan jokes “Overwatch 2 machine broke” – referring to the company’s infamous milkshake and ice cream machines.

Whether or not there’s any substance to this rumour remains unseen, but given that rival eatery Pizza Hut partnered up with Genshin Impact to great success, anything is possible these days. If you’re now in the mood to go grab a Big Mac (sorry not sorry), be sure to check out our Overwatch 2 tier list while you wait in the drive through.