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Overwatch 2 reveals first Samoan hero Mauga, playable this weekend

Blizzard shows off its latest Overwatch 2 hero Mauga, and you can play as the new unstoppable Samoan for a limited time this weekend.

Overwatch 2 new hero Mauga: A broadly built man with thick dark eyebrows and long black hair smiles wide, his teeth showing and gold earrings dangling

Overwatch 2 is one of the most popular free-to-play online shooters around, sporting a diverse cast of heroes to choose from coupled with fast-paced action. The game is about to get a whole lot bigger, too. At BlizzCon 2023, Blizzard showcases a variety of upcoming Overwatch 2 content, including new characters and game modes. One of the biggest additions is Mauga, the shooter’s first Samoan hero, and you can play as him now for a limited time.

BlizzCon is the bearer of some seriously exciting Overwatch 2 news, as Blizzard reveals how the FPS game is getting a new hero, its first-ever Samoan character, and more. The developer calls its latest hero Mauga and he’s a heavy assault character. He’s not a tank you’d ever want to take on, as Mauga packs a huge incendiary chaingun he amusingly calls Gunny and a volatile chaingun he nicknames Cha Cha.

The new hero also brings some powerful abilities in his kit, including Overrun and Cardiac Overdrive. The former ability sees Mauga charge forward and stomp, launching enemies, while the latter has any nearby allies take reduced damage. Mauga can also heal when he deals damage with Cardiac Overdrive. His ultimate, Cage Fight, works as a trap that contains both Mauga and any enemies.

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While within the ultimate barrier, he’ll gain unlimited ammo. Mauga’s passive, Berserker, allows him to gain temporary health when he deals critical damage. You can test the kit yourself and play as Mauga right now for a limited time. The new hero is available to try out just for the weekend through Sunday, November 5.

Blizzard also says that more heroes are coming next year, including one called Venture and another codenamed Space Ranger. The game is also getting a fresh PvP mode, Clash, and some reworked fan-favorite maps. If you want to learn more about the content revealed during BlizzCon 2023, check the official Overwatch 2 website.

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