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Overwatch 2 patch delayed slightly, but will roll out this week

The mid-season cycle Overwatch 2 patch has been delayed until November 17 due to a "critical issue," but it will include rebalance changes and the return of Mei

Overwatch 2 patch release time: Sombra fires her SMG as Lucio and Genji engage enemies in the background

The mid-season Overwatch 2 patch that will make some rebalancing changes to boost supports and will return Mei to active duty has been delayed, but only slightly. The patch is now set to go live in the FPS game November 17 at 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm GMT. The patch had originally been planned for November 15, but Blizzard says a “critical issue” had to be resolved before deployment, resulting in the two-day delay.

When it arrives, the Overwatch 2 patch will dole out some nerfs designed primarily to help support heroes perform more effectively. These include changes to Sombra’s Hack ability, which reduces its lockout duration and makes it so that hacked enemies can no longer be “chain” targeted, and a reduction to Genji’s maximum ammo and the damage done by his shuriken.

The patch should also bring Mei back to active play. The chilly climatologist had been sidelined at the end of October thanks to an ice wall bug – if she aimed a certain way, Mei could traverse back and forth through her ice wall, which obviously isn’t how ice walls are supposed to work.

Blizzard says the patch also includes “core content updates” and will include the Overwatch League viewership rewards players could earn October 30 – November 4, so if you tuned into the playoffs and are waiting on those skins, they should show up November 17 with this patch.

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