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Overwatch 2 gives Sombra major rework, replacing Opportunist and more

Blizzard has just revealed more of the new content coming with Overwatch 2's new season, Rise of Darkness, including a massive Sombra rework.

Overwatch 2 Sombra rework: A woman with purple highlights in her hair and purple armor wields a gun, smiling, with a city backdrop behind her

Overwatch 2 players have been looking forward to news from Blizzard Entertainment about the upcoming seventh season, Rise of Darkness. The behemoth game developer just revealed its official trailer for the new season, and we’ve got a lot of fun content to expect. From game modes to maps, Blizzard is bringing a variety of features. One of the most highly anticipated changes coming with Season 7 is the long-awaited Sombra rework, and it’s definitely a major one.

Sombra is about to play very differently in Overwatch 2. Her passive ability, Opportunist, will no longer be a part of her kit. That’s right, one of the most important parts of Sombra’s kit is being replaced by a new passive. Stealth is replacing Opportunist as Sombra’s new passive, so you won’t be targeting enemies with low health through walls anymore. Instead, you’ll become invisible while not using any abilities, dealing damage, or taking damage.

The FPS game is also changing how the Translocator ability functions. Rather than leaving the beacon in a safe spot to go back to later, you’ll instantly teleport as Sombra to wherever you throw it. Your passive ability’s cooldown will be reduced after you teleport though, so you can make use of Stealth to stay safe if needed.

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Another big change coming to Sombra’s kit is the inclusion of a new ability called ‘Virus.’ With Virus, Sombra will infect enemies with a projectile that deals damage over time. You’ll also be able to damage already-hacked enemies more quickly with Virus. Blizzard says that the company’s goal is “to allow Sombra to be more committed to the targets she engages with and have a more active feel to her kit.”

Sombra’s EMP, Hack, and Machine Pistol remain unchanged, as the developer goes on to write that the hero’s new features come “while maintaining her character identity and playstyle as the world’s greatest hacker.” If you’re interested in delving deeper into the season’s content and how Sombra will play during the Rise of Darkness, you can check Blizzard’s blog post for more details.

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