Overwatch 2 talents list

Overwatch 2 talents are used in PvE-focused missions that introduce new abilities to customise your character, so here are all the ones we know about.

Overwatch 2 talents: Genji holds some blades between his fingers

Overwatch 2 talents are among a wave of new features coming to Blizzard’s team-based hero shooter. This new ability system is part of Overwatch 2’s Hero Missions, which sees you teaming up with your friends to dismantle some Omnics. These missions are more focused on combat as opposed to Story Missions, which concentrate on the lore.

Each hero has a set of new abilities they can unlock over time if they level up. It should be noted, however, that the Overwatch 2 talents are limited to Hero Missions and won’t factor into PvP. The Overwatch 2 PvE release date is still some ways away – so these talents may change. There are also a few talents that we don’t know of yet, though we’ll update this guide when we find more. Now that’s out the way, here are the Overwatch 2 talents.

The Overwatch 2 talents are:

Overwatch 2 talents: Overwatch 2 hero Tracer posing with new look


Level One

  • Adaptive Reload – Pulse Pistols reload when you use an ability
  • Chain Reaction – Pulse Bomb causes a secondary explosion on those affected by the blast

Level Ten

  • Flash – blinking through enemies damages them
  • Hindsight – recall causes damage to recently weakened foes

Level 20

  • Vortex – enemies are drawn toward the point of recall and snared
  • Speed Kills- killing blows speeds up cooldowns

Overwatch 2 talents: Overwatch 2 hero Lucio posing with a new look


Level One

  • Healing Wave – Lucio’s Soundwave also heals allies for 25% of their maximum health
  • Mashup – when using Amp it Up, both possible songs will play

Level Ten

  • Beatmatching – damage dealt while using Speed Boost will give extra healing to Healing Boost
  • Fortississimo – each enemy hit by Soundwave adds additional projectiles to your next volley of Sonic Amplifier

Level 20

  • Accelerando – Amp it Up cooldown reduced by 0.5 seconds when you score a critical hit
  • Power Skating – Soundwave’s damage and knockback scale up based on your speed


  • Sojiro’s Guidance – any arrow that hits an enemy detected by Sonic Arrow seeks and pierces all other detected foes

Overwatch 2 talents: Overwatch 2 hero Reinhardt posing with a new look


Level One

  • Fire Burst – Fire Strike explodes every time it deals damage, lighting nearby enemies on fire
  • Frenzy – Rocket Hammer swings faster after consecutive hits

Level Ten

  • Impact Converter – Rocket Hammer damage recharges your Barrier Field
  • Amplification Field – Barrier Field increases damage of friendly projectiles passing through it

Level 20

  • Balderich’s Stand – gain armour and damage when your barrier breaks
  • Fault Line – Earthshatter does more damage in a narrower cone


  • Epicenter – Earthshatter travels in every direction

Overwatch 2 talents: Overwatch 2 hero Mei posing with a new look


Level One

  • Cold Snap – when Cryo-Freeze ends, nearby enemies are instantly frozen
  • Shatter – frozen enemies shatter upon death, dealing damage to enemies around them

Level Ten

  • Snowball Effect – continue to move after using Cryo-Freeze, rolling and knocking enemies in your path
  • Hypothermia – Blizzard instantly kills frozen enemies under 200 health

Level 20

  • Frostbite – frozen enemies take more damage
  • Polar Vortex – Blizzard covers a huge area and ignores line of sight


  • Dragon’s Breath – while using Dragon Breath, your slashes create a large and piercing projectile


  • Flamethrower – turrets have a flamethrower instead of a minigun
  • My Babies – place three mini-turrets instead of one big one

And there you have it, all the Overwatch 2 talents we have found so far. We’ll keep this guide updated with other talents we find. In the meantime, read up on all of the Overwatch 2 characters coming to the game, as well as a breakdown of the Overwatch 2 roles so you know what to expect. We’ve also got an Overwatch 2 tier list which outlines the heroes coming out on top in the current meta, and an Overwatch 2 maps primer to help you master the current PvP game modes.

Additional contributions by Joe Robinson and Iain Harris