Overwatch nearly had a pizza hero – and there’s more weirdness to come

Say 'cheese!'


While some aren’t quite sure whether Overwatch 2 feels more like a sequel or expansion, yet we know the game will introduce “a lot” of new heroes. It’s not yet clear who these might be, but it looks like there have been some “crazy” designs during the game’s development. In fact, one Overwatch hero could have been a pizza. Yes, you read that right – a pizza.

Overwatch 2 technical director John Lafleur has told Edge magazine (issue 340): “Every so often, we’ll do this thing where we’ll get everyone on the team to just go, ‘Crazy hero ideas – let’s go!'” He explains: “Everyone will do a thumbnail of what the hero might be, what their abilities might be, and once – just entirely in jest – someone even came up with a hero that was a pizza.”

Lafleur says the devs get “some crazy ideas out of these sessions,” adding that they do them because “it’s a great time to burn off steam, but we do get some great ideas out of these meetings. We still have some of these ideas, actually, that are back-burnered.” So, it sounds like Blizzard isn’t ruling out more of these kind of “crazy” design ideas in the future.

Whether the pizza hero is one of these ideas the studio’s keeping for later, we can only wait (and hope) to find out when Overwatch arrives.

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While a pizza character heading to Overwatch 2 might be a little too much to hope for, it seems that one of the FPS game’s more unusual heroes was actually the product of a meeting like this: Hammond the hamster and his armed escape pod, known as ‘Wrecking Ball.’

“Anything is possible for these heroes. What drives us to them is simply, ‘What is their story, and what is the message we’re trying to get across with them? What could their abilities be?'” Lafleur says. “When those three things go together, and we have a nice story that everyone engages with, suddenly it gels and we can start making plans to put it in the game.”

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