All Palworld achievements and how to unlock

There are just ten Palworld achievements in the open-world game's early access period, so here's what they all are and how to unlock them.

Palworld achievements: A character with purple eyes, light hair, and a green outfit

What are all of the achievements in Palworld? The game has entered early access, much to our delight. We’ve been seeking out the achievements, many of which are hidden until you unlock them, and have the full list of Palworld achievements here.

With your favorite Palworld Pals at your side, you’re probably already uncovering huge sections of the Palworld map, but if you don’t know what you’re seeking out then it can be difficult to get all of the Palworld achievements. Fear not, we’ve got you covered.

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All Palworld achievements

Here are all of the achievements in Palworld early access:

Achievement Description
Beginning of the Legend Caught first Pal
Newbie Pal Tamer Caught 10 kinds of Pals
Intermediate Pal Tamer Caught 20 kinds of Pals
Skilled Pal Tamer Caught 50 kinds of Pals
Seasoned Pal Tamer Caught 90 kinds of Pals
Hillside Sovereign Defeat Zoe & Grizzbolt
??? Defeat Lily & Lyleen
??? Defeat Marcus & Faleris
??? Defeat Axel & Orserk
??? Defeat Victor & Shadowbeak

Now that you know what the achievements in Palworld early access are, you might want to check out our Palworld bosses guide to get advice on the best Palworld weapons to take into each fight, where to find them, and the best strats to take down these behemoth enemies.

They can be quite the damage check especially in the early game, so we’d recommend brushing up on Palworld fighting and the elemental types in the game so you can go in with the strongest advantage. Similarly, if you’re looking to catch as many different kinds of Pals are possible, you’ll need plenty of Palworld Paldium Fragments to craft Pal Spheres to house them all.