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Best Pals for Farming in Palworld

Here are the best pals for farming in Palworld including the best pal for the ranch, and a list featuring all the items they produce.

What are the best Pals for farming in Palworld? The ranch is one of the first things you’ll unlock in Palworld, and it’s worth gathering the resources you need to build it in your base quickly, as it’s a great way to get extra resources to craft items.

You unlock the ranch at level 5 by using Palworld technology points in the Technology Tree. It costs 50 wood, 50 stone, and 50 fiber to build a ranch in Palworld so while it takes a while to craft, it’s definitely worth it. You can get some early Pals in the starting area to work in there, indicated by the fence symbol in the Paldeck.

Palworld ranch farming

The best Pal for the ranch is Vixy, as it is the only Pal that can farm three different, highly valuable, items.

The best Pals for farming in Palworld are:

Pal Material
Chikipi Eggs
Lamball Wool
Cremis Wool
Caprity Berries
Flambelle Flame Organ
Melpaca Wool
Vixy Arrows, Pal Sphere, Gold Coins
Mozzarina Milk
Beegarde Honey
Woolipop Cotton Candy
Mau / Mau Cryst Gold Coins
Sibelyx High Quality Cloth


Chikipi is one of the best starter Pals you can get. You can usually find it wandering around the early low level areas. If you put a Chikipi in your base, it produces eggs.


One of the tutorial tasks is to find and capture five Lamballs, so they’re easy to find and produce wool. Other Pals that produce wool are the Cremis and Melpaca, all early low level, non-hostile Pals.

Palworld Vixy farming - Vixy on a Palworld background


Though they’re not as common in the starting areas, they aren’t hostile Pals and are easy to find, attack, and capture. They also produce handy starting materials, including gold coins, which you can spend at traders. They also produce arrows, which you need plenty of in your time in Palworld, and pal spheres, which we recommend always having an abundance of when you set out from your base.


Using a berry farm is the easiest way to get a constant supply of berries to feed your Pals at the base. If you don’t want to go through the seeding, watering, and harvesting stages of getting berries, you could also get Caprity to farm them at the ranch.


Flambelle is a little rarer but can be found along the coast on the eastern islands. They produce flame organs in the ranch, which can be used to create various items including Pal saddles, fire arrows, lanterns, and more.

Palworld beegarde farming


We were very lucky to get this early on in our Palworld playthrough as the Beergarde is tricky to capture as it explodes when attacked, dealing huge amounts of damage. You need to capture the Beergarde before it does this, but they’re quite common, especially in the north region of the Palworld map. They produce honey in the ranch, which can be used to craft different recipes.


This bouncy round cow-like Pal can also be found north of the map and though it won’t attack, it is usually around level 13, so you might have to wait to get your capture level up to take it on. Mozzarina produces milk, which can be used to craft recipes from hot milk to the cake, used for Palworld breeding.


The Woolipop is a large, pink sheep-like Pal that drops cotton candy and high quality pal oil. If, however, you capture one, you can assign it to the ranch to produce cotton candy, a sweet treat to keep your Pals happy and working hard.

Palworld Mau and Mau Cryst farming

Mau / Mau Cryst

We found the Mau when exploring dungeons and caves, it’s a small, black cat that can be assigned at a ranch to produce gold coins to use to buy goods from traders.


Found in the snowy/ice biome, in the mountainous region, Sibelyx produces high quality cloth in the ranch, but is one of the Pals you’ll likely catch later on in the game when you’re at a higher level.

And those are the best Pals for farming at the ranch in Palworld. If you’re looking for more Palworld guides, here are the best Pals for planting in Palworld, and here’s how to craft Palworld ingots and what you can use them to build.