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Palworld Ingots, Refined Ingots, Pal Metal Ingots and farming

Palworld Ingots, Refined Ingots, and Pal Metal Ingots are essential crafting materials for a fully functioning, Pal-operated weapons factory.

Palworld ingots: Fire type pal Foxparks walks through green grass.

How do you get Ingots in Palworld? Palworld isn’t just about creature collection, it’s also a Valheim-like survival game with building, crafting, and more. As such, the world around you contains a multitude of resources to collect and turn into other crafting materials in a process familiar to survival game veterans.

Palworld Ingots are just some of the many useful Palworld resources you must uncover to build machines and furniture for your Palworld base, and to eventually work towards full automation – leaving your Pals to work hard while you’re out leveling up, beating bosses, and hunting for wild Palworld Eggs. If you’ve seen a recipe requiring Ingots, but aren’t sure how to find them, here’s what you need to do.

The Palworld ingot recipe inside the primitive furnace UI.

Palworld Ingots

How to get Palword Ingots

Palworld Ingots are crafted from Ore, and must be made in a Primitive Furnace. In a unique twist to most crafting or survival games, you can’t power this furnace yourself, and must instead put a particular type of Pal to work churning out ingots.

You can find out more about how to get ore from our Palworld Ore guide, including how to farm it, but the main thing to know is that it can be found pretty much everywhere. You or your pals can gather the copper-colored mineral to be able to turn two pieces into one Palworld Ingot in a Primitive Furnace.

The Primitive Furnace recipe can be unlocked at player level 10 using three Technology Points. Once unlocked, you can craft a Primitive Furnace directly from your build menu using 20 wood, 50 stone, and three Flame Organs. You have a chance to obtain a Flame Organ when killing or capturing fire-type Pals.

With ore and a Primitive Furnace ready to go, there is one more thing you need to forge your Ingots: a fire-type Pal. Using your Palbox, put a fire-type Pal to work at your base, and they will automatically heat up the furnace when there is a crafting recipe in the queue.

A player looks at a furnace, in which four Palworld ingots have been forged.

What are Palworld Ingots used for?

As one of the earliest manufactured resources you can get in Palworld, ingots are used in a massive number of crafting recipes. Here is the full list of every crafting recipe requiring Palworld ingots:

  • Nails (level 10)
  • Small Bear Trap (level 10)
  • Metal Axe (level 11)
  • Metal Pickaxe (level 11)
  • High-Quality Workbench (level 11)
  • Lifmunk’s Submachine Gun (level 11)
  • Meat Cleaver (level 12)
  • Grappling Gun (level 12 ancient tech)
  • Crossbow (level 13)
  • Metal Spear (level 13)
  • Cooler Box (level 13)
  • Univolt Saddle (level 14)
  • Mega Sphere (level 14)
  • Pal Essence Condenser (level 14 ancient tech)
  • Fire Arrow Crossbow (level 15)
  • Nitewing Saddle (level 15)
  • Metal Chest (level 16)
  • Heater (level 17)
  • Cooking Pot (level 17)
  • Poison Arrow Crossbow (level 17)
  • Pengullet’s Rocket Launcher (level 17)
  • Mega Grappling Gun (level 17 ancient tech)
  • Cooler (level 18)
  • Large Toolbox (level 19)
  • Giga Sphere (level 20)
  • Weapon Workbench (level 20)
  • Flame Cauldron (level 20)
  • Hangyu’s Gloves (level 20)
  • Musket (level 21)
  • Coarse Ammo (level 21)
  • Vanwyrm Saddle (level 21)
  • Stun Baton (level 22)
  • Large Bear Trap (level 22)
  • Hip Lantern (level 22 ancient tech)
  • Maraith Saddle (level 23)
  • Antique Bath Set (level 23)
  • Water Fountain (level 23)
  • Metal Helm (level 23)
  • Metal Armor (level 23)
  • Piano Furniture Set (level 25)
  • Heat-Resistant Metal Armor (level 25)
  • Makeshift Handgun (level 25)
  • Power Generator (level 26)
  • Lamp (level 26)
  • Mounted Crossbow (level 26)
  • Metal Shelf Set (level 26)
  • Bathroom Set (level 27)
  • Ceiling Lamp (level 27)
  • Cold-Resistant Metal Armor (level 27)
  • Sphere Assembly Line (level 27)
  • Hyper Sphere (level 27)
  • Production Assembly Line (level 28)
  • Stump and Axe (level 28)
  • Antique High-Quality Furniture Set (level 28)
  • Handgun (level 29)
  • Handgun Ammo (level 29)
  • Single-Shot Sphere Launcher (level 29 ancient tech)
  • Mine (level 30)
  • Metal Structure Set (level 30)
  • Pickaxe and Helmet (for Pals) (level 30)
  • Clock Set (level 31)
  • Production Assembly Line II (level 32)
  • Witch Cauldron (level 32)
  • Storage Container Set (level 32)
  • Giga Grappling Gun (level 32 ancient tech)
  • Metal Chair and Desk Set (level 33)
  • Electric Mine (level 33)
  • Ironwood Table Set (level 35)
  • Outdoor Furniture Set (level 36)
  • Metal Barrel Set (level 37)
  • Ice Mine (level 38)
  • Mounted Machine Gun (level 40)
  • Street Lamp Set (level 40)
  • Amusement Furniture Set (level 41)
  • Electric Heater (level 41)
  • Electric Cooler (level 42)
  • Decal Gun Set (level 42 ancient tech)
  • Iron Gate (level 43)
  • Metal Defensive Wall (level 43)
  • Large Mounted Lamp (level 46)
  • Road Sign Set (level 46)
  • Large Ceiling Lamp (level 47)
  • Electric Pylon (level 48)
  • Barricade Set (level 48)

Some Pal items are missing from this list as we wait to collect every one of the Palworld Pals.

An improved furnace, used for making Palworld refined ingots.

Palworld Refined Ingots

How to get Palworld Refined Ingots

As you progress, you need more precious materials to build more powerful and more resilient weapons and tools, better Pal Spheres, and even guns. For many of these, you need Refined Ingots.

Refined Ingots cannot be produced in a Primitive Furnace, and instead can only be obtained from an Improved Furnace, unlocked for four Technology Points at level 34. To craft an Improved Furnace, you need 100 stone, 30 cement 15 Flame Organ, and this, again, is kindled by fire-type Pals. Place Coal and Ore into your Improved Furnace to output refined ingots.

Palworld refined ingot recipes

What are Refined Ingots used for?

Palworld Refined Ingots are used in a number of mid-to-high-level crafting recipes, including refined metal tools, assembly lines, and Ultra Spheres. Here is the full list of Palworld recipes requiring Refined Ingots:

  • Refined Metal Axe (level 34)
  • Refined Metal Pickaxe (level 34)
  • Refined Metal Spear (level 34)
  • Sphere Assembly Line II (level 35)
  • Ultra Sphere (level 35)
  • Single-shot Rifle (level 36)
  • Rifle Ammo (level 36)
  • Refined Metal Armor (level 37)
  • Refined Metal Helm (level 37)
  • Refrigerator (level 38)
  • Scatter Sphere Launcher (level 38 ancient tech)
  • Double-Barreled Shotgun (level 39)
  • Shotgun Shells (level 39)
  • Refined Metal Chest (level 39)
  • Heat-Resistant Refined Metal Armor (level 40)
  • Giga Glider (level 40)
  • Lily’s Spear (level 40 ancient tech)
  • Cold-Resistant Refined Metal Armor (level 41)
  • Electric Kitchen (level 41)
  • Electric Heater (level 41)
  • Pump-Action Shotgun (level 42)
  • Production Assembly Line II (level 42)
  • Electric Cooler (level 42)
  • Electric Medicine Workbench (level 43)
  • Electric Furnace (level 44)
  • Sword (level 44)
  • Assault Rifle (level 45)
  • Assault Rifle ammo (level 45)
  • Weapon Assembly Line II (level 47)
  • Hyper Grappling Gun (level 47 ancient tech)
  • Mounted Missile Launcher (level 50)

Some Pal items are missing from this list as we wait to collect every one of the Palworld Pals.

An electric furnace, used for making Palworld Pal Metal ingots.

Palworld Pal Metal Ingots

How to get Pal Metal Ingots

Ever further through the Technology upgrade system, you can unlock an additional type of furnace in order to craft Pal Metal Ingots. This Electric Furnace is unlocked at level 44 for five points, and requires 50 refined ingot, ten circuit boards, 20 polymer, 20 carbon fiber to build. Naturally, this furnace is powered by electric-type Pals instead of fire.

What are Pal Metal Ingots used for?

Pal Metal Ingots are used in a number of higher level crafting recipes, including metal armor, rocket launchers, RPG ammo, and Legendary Spheres. Here is the full list of Palworld recipes requiring Pal Metal Ingots:

  • Legendary Sphere (level 44)
  • Pal Metal Armor (level 46)
  • Pal Metal Helm (level 46)
  • Heat-resistant Pal Metal Armor (level 48)
  • Rocket Launcher (level 49)
  • Rocket Ammo (level 49)
  • Cold-resistant Pal Metal Armor (level 50)
  • Homing Sphere Launcher (level 50 ancient tech)

Some Pal items are missing from this list as we wait to collect every one of the Palworld Pals.

Fire type pal Vanwyrm makes Palworld ingots in a furnace.

How to farm Ingots in Palworld

Once you have any of these Palworld furnaces set up with the correct Pals working on them, you can almost fully automate Ingot production. Pals with the handiwork skill gather nearby Ore automatically, while fire and electric pals keep furnaces running – all you need to do is queue Ingot recipes.

Unfortunately, presumably to save using up valuable resources in the wrong recipe, Pals cannot queue Ingot recipes while you’re away – if there are no Ingots queued, none will be made.

That’s everything you need to know about Palworld Ingots, the different variations, and how to get them all. There are hundreds of crafting recipes in Palworld, and plenty of resources you’ll need to make them, so let us help you find Palworld Sulphur, Palworld Carbon Fiber, and more as you explore everything the massive Palworld map has to offer.