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Is Palworld free?

While the labor of your Pals might cost you nothing, can you gain access to the game itself for that incredibly low bar? Is Palworld free?

Is Palworld free?: a mysterious fox-looking creature casts a spell.

Is Palworld free? The gun-toting monster collector inside of us should be salivating at the thought of Palworld. If you’ve been looking for something similar to Pokemon on PC, Pocket Pair’s new offering looks to present a fresh take on the genre, with its strange, dark, sweat-shop-adjacent themes, and some kind of overarching poacher story. It’s all terribly intriguing, and we can’t wait to sink our teeth into it, but is Palworld free?

The Palworld release date is right around the corner, at least where early access is concerned, and we already know that you’ll be able to play Palworld on Game Pass, but how much, if anything, will Palworld cost if you want to buy it outright? Here is whether Palworld is free.

Is Palworld free?: a groupd of humans fight a large monster with machine guns.

Is Palworld free?

No, Palworld is not free; it is a premium game that, while included in a Game Pass subscription, will require a purchase if you want to play it elsewhere. Palworld will cost 30 USD / 20 GBP to buy in early access, but it will likely increase in price after the full release.

Now that you know if Palworld is free, it’s time to gather your armaments, stockpile your ammo, and prepare to take the world of the Pals by storm. If you’re doing your research before jumping in, we have all 100 Palworld Pals here, how Palworld cooking works, and even how the Palworld jobs function.