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How to get Palworld Leather

One of the most basic resources, Leather is used in a ton of different Palworld recipes no matter where you are on the technology tree.

Eikthyrdeer from palworld attacking with its antlers

Where can you find Leather in Palworld? During your adventures through the lush, Pal-filled islands, you’ll want to make a point to collect as much leather as possible. From saddles to ride your pals to the highest level armor in the game, leather is essential to craft both types of items and far more. However, it can be a little tricky to find the right Pals that drop leather, and even then, farming them becomes another story.

Curious about where to find other resources in Palworld? Some late-game items such as Palworld carbon fiber – used to make assault rifles – require a lot of effort to make. Otherwise, getting a good look at the full Palworld map will help as you search for more resources to upgrade your gear, seek out Syndicate bosses to defeat, and hunt for rare Pals. But if you just need to find Leather, read on.

leather being sold in a palworld shop

How to get Palworld Leather

Much like other resources in the game, the easiest way to get Leather in Palworld is to defeat the following Pals that can be found not far from the starting area:

  • Foxsparks
  • Fuack
  • Vixy
  • Rushoar
  • Direhowl
  • Eikthyrdeer

Otherwise, the Wandering Merchant in the Small Settlement sells leather for 150 gold each. While a little steep, visiting the merchant to buy a bunch is the quickest way to obtain a ton of leather.

a palworld map indicating where to farm leather

Where to farm Palworld Leather

The best place to farm Leather is near the Small Settlement, northwest of the Plateau of Beginnings. You’ll find a lot of Rushoar wandering the forest.

Furthermore, around the rocky area near the Desolate Church fast travel point, plenty of Vixy and Direhowl roam the red tree forest. As these Pals are typically the Neutral type, bring a handful of Dark types to make farming them easier. For more Pals that drop leather later in the game, see our painstakingly comprehensive list of all items and resources in the game.

To keep yourself topped up on Leather without having to farm, simply murder all the Pals that drop it that you see as you explore. It’s required for important items but not ones you’ll craft frequently, so having a steady supply that you keep topped up rather than periodically farming it makes the most sense.

With the Leather situation solved, you’re more than ready to move onto more complicated Palworld tasks, such as defeating all Palworld bosses and hatching eggs and breeding Pals. Or maybe you want to play a more complete Pokemon-like game while Pocket Pal continues to develop Palworld for a full release. If so, see our guide on the best Pokemon PC games.