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Best Pals for Medicine Production in Palworld

All work and no play can make your Pals ill, so make sure you’ve got some medicine to hand with the best Pals for Medicine Production.

What are the best Medicine Pals in Palworld? Medicine is essential to keeping your Pals working hard in the creature catching game – let them fall into ill health, and your perfectly automated base will quickly come to a halt.

Alongside its element, every Palworld Pal has a very specific set of skills that are useful around your base. Whether they’re cooling Pals, mining Pals, or lumbering pals, each creature has its use in the survival game, and an important job to do. While Palworld work suitability stats are easily located in your Paldeck, you might not have every Pal yet, or want to know specifically which are the best at making medicine, so here are all the best medicine production Pals.

 Felbat, one of the best Palworld medicine production pals, finished making some low grade medical supplies.

Best Medicine Production Pals in Palworld

So far, no Pal has a Medicine Production value of four, unlike some other skills, and four different Pals all have a medicine production level of three: Lyleen, Felbat, Vaelet, and Lyleen Noct. These aren’t the easiest Pals to come across in the early game, though, so you might also consider Bristla or Lifmunk.

Medicine Production pals don’t work completely autonomously, since you have to queue recipes in your medicine workbench first. However, you can queue up as many recipes as you have ingredients for, and your medicine production Pal will get to work, leaving you to concentrate on something else.

With 15 (and a half) Pals to choose from for Medicine Production, who you choose really depends on who you have available, and whether you want them to be multi-talented, or focus their attention on medicine. Here’s every one of the Palworld Medicine Production Pals from best to worst, sorted by tier and level, so you know who to look out for. S and A-tier are level three Medicine Production Pals, B-tier are level two, and C-tier are level one.

Tier Pal
S Lyleen, Felbat
A Vaelet, Lyleen Noct
B Bristla, Petallia, Sibelyx, Katress, Lovander, Elizabee
C Lifmunk, Flopie, Beegarde, Robinquill, Robinquill Terra, Cinnamoth

Felbat, one of the best Palworld medicine production Pals.

Best focused medicine production Pal

Felbat is one of the very best Palworld medicine production Pals thanks to its level three skill, making it one of the fastest. Since Felbat has no other work suitabilities, the dark-type Pal can focus solely on its medicine studies. However, this does mean that when there are no recipes queued up, they’ll either be idling, eating, or sleeping. While Felbat is a rare Pal, you can hatch one from a Large Dark Palworld egg if you’re lucky.

Lyleen, one of the best Palworld Medicine Production Pals.

Best multi-discipline medicine production Pal

If you want a Pal that’s going to keep busy at all times, Lyleen is undoubtedly the best medicine production Pal. This rare and high-level creature is also one of the best planting Pals as well. The grass-type Pal has a planting skill level of four, a medicine skill level of three, and high handiwork and gathering skills, so they’ll never be short of work to do. This does mean they might no prioritize medicine production unless forced, but since this is one of the least regular and least automated skills, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Bristla, one of the best Palworld medicine production Pals.

Best early game medicine production Pal

While Lifmunk and Flopie also make excellent early-game medicine production Pals, we’ve gone with Bristla as our top pick, given that you won’t unlock your first medicine workbench until player level 12. At this point, you should have already come across these pretty grass-type Pals, and they have a higher medicine production level at level 2, which is high for these lower-level Pals.

With this information – and your best medicine production Pals – to hand, your Pals shouldn’t ever suffer for long. If you want to know which maladies require which medicine, we have a separate guide on how to heal Pals, as well as Palworld cooking, since keeping their bellies full is one way to avoid injuries in the first place.