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Can you change your name in Palworld?

We all have changes of heart, especially when the names of things are concerned, so here’s whether you can change your name in Palworld.

Palworld name change: a woman with green hair stands holding a crossbow.

Can you change your name in Palworld? The monster-hunter-pokemon-shooter has taken, well, everything by storm. With a huge player base already, people are beginning to wonder whether it’s possible to change your in-game name.

The Palworld release date is finally here, and whether you opt to grab the game on Steam or play Palworld on Game Pass, you’ll no doubt be treated to a host of interesting, and often questionable activities in the crafting game. Nat delves into this in her Palworld early access review, describing the experience as a bit of a morbid affair.

Palworld name change: a woman with green hair hugs a giant penguin.

Can you change your name in Palworld?

No, you can’t change your name in Palworld once you’re past the character creation screen. You can change the name of your Pals, but you, the player, are locked into whatever name you choose once you’re in the wild.

In the character creation screen, a message pops up to tell you that you cannot edit your character again beyond this screen, but a re-edit feature will be added ‘further down the line’. There’s no saying when this feature is coming, but it’s good to know it’s on the way.

Now that you know you’re stuck with your Palworld name, you might as well get out there and make your mark on the world. We have a bunch of Palworld tips guides if you’re just getting started, including Palworld cooking, Palworld jobs, and an ever-expanding Palworld map so you know exactly where you’re going.