Palworld roadmap says PvP is coming, with raid bosses to boot

The Palworld roadmap for early access on Steam and Xbox is finally here, with fixes, PvP, raid bosses, and more Pals coming down the line.

Palworld roadmap: a horse creature with long bright orange hair

The Palworld roadmap for Steam Early Access is here, as developer Pocketpair highlights how it’s prioritizing key issues with the game before moving on to new features for the astronomically big survival game.

We already know Palworld isn’t feature complete, as the early access launch doesn’t encompass everything Pocketpair wants to do with the survival game. “Sales have far exceeded the development team’s expectations, and we are currently experiencing many problems due to excessive access congestion, among other challenges,” community manager ‘Bucky’ says in a new post about the Palworld roadmap.

With Palworld crossing 7 million units in Steam sales alone, you can see why. “We will prioritize improving this issue first, and then move on to implementing new in-game features,” they add.

Palworld roadmap: a graphic showing what's coming to Palworld

As you can see in the Palworld roadmap above, there’s a lot to expect during early access. Issues like the world date experiencing a rollback and a persistent loading screen are atop Pocketpair’s list of fixes, with base Pal AI improvements and key configuration changes also on the list.

The Palworld map is getting bigger and we’re even going to see more Palworld bosses, but that certainly isn’t all that’s coming in the form of free updates.

Palworld early access roadmap

As for planned future updates, here’s what you can expect from Palworld.

  • PvP
  • Raid Bosses (endgame content)
  • Pal Arena for PvP Pal battles
  • Steam and Xbox crossplay
  • Xbox feature improvements
  • Server transfers and migrations
  • Building system improvements
  • New islands, pals, bosses, and technologies
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While you wait for the roadmap to take shape, we’ve already put together a big Palworld guide for you, alongside the best ways to get Palworld Paldium fragments and a breakdown of all Palworld Pals as well.

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