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Can you play Palworld offline single-player?

If your internet connection can't be relied on, here's whether you're able to play Palworld in offline single-player mode on Steam.

Palworld single-player offline mode options

Can you play Palworld offline single-player? Excited for Palworld but your internet connection is a little shaky? Here’s what we know about whether you can play offline in the single-player mode.

There are a few ways to play Palworld when the Palworld release date arrives, but not all of them are available at launch, including some Palworld multiplayer options and Palworld crossplay. If you’re stuck thinking about what platform to play on, you can check out our Palworld controller support guide beforehand.

Palworld offline single-player

Can you play Palworld offline in single-player? Yes, you can still access Palworld in offline single-player on Steam if you’re connected to the internet. However, we’ve tested Palworld without an internet connection and received a few ‘failed to login’ error codes, so you may still need to connect to the internet.

We’ll be sure to update this guide when the release date arrives to see if anything changes with being able to access Palworld offline in single-player without an internet connection. In the meantime, check out all 100 Palworld Pals you’ll be able to find, battle, and catch. Similarly, here’s our list of the best Pokemon games on PC if you just can’t wait to play Palworld.