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Does Palworld have controller support?

If you're struggling to play Palworld with mouse and keyboard, or you just want to change it up, here's whether your controller works on PC.

Palworld controller support

Does Palworld have controller support? Mouse and keyboard support in a modern PC game is almost guaranteed, but the same can’t be said for controller support. When you think about the number of hours you might have to spend searching for Pals in the wild, those hours might fly by faster on a sofa with a controller rather than on a desk with a mouse and keyboard.

With over 100 Pals to collect in Palworld and many Palworld jobs, you might be planning how to play with friends in Palworld multiplayer, but first, you need to check whether your controller works on Palworld. Here’s everything we know about the subject as we approach the Palworld release date this week.

Palworld controller support explained

Does Palworld have controller support? Yes, Palworld has full controller support on PC for both official PlayStation pads and Xbox controllers. All you need to do is plug in your controller to your PC and the buttons will change.

The same goes for Palworld crossplay with friends, if you plan to jump on with pals, you’ll need to play on the same platform. However, in a Discord Q&A, the developers have said that crossplay will be available as soon as possible.

That’s all we’ve got for Palworld controller support. For more Palworld, here are the Palworld Pals and how to breed in Palworld, so you can get an army of Pals farming and building your base so you can focus on Palworld fighting and exploring.