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Palworld Ore and the best place to farm it

Gathering a lot of Ore in Palworld is vital to expanding your base and advancing up the tech tree, so here is the best place to farm it.

How can you farm Palworld Ore? There are many resources to gather in Palworld. Still, perhaps none are more important, or needed in abundance than Palworld Ore. Ore can be refined into ingots, which, as you move on from bows to fully automatic assault rifles, is a necessary ingredient. We’ve found what we think is the best spot to farm ore in Palworld, so you’ll never be short.

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Palworld ore farm: a map showing the location of several ore deposits.

Best Palworld Ore farm location

Unlike wood and stone, there isn’t a buildable refinement area for Ore; you’re forced to go out into the wilds and toil away at the large brown boulders. Unless that is, you set up a secondary base, with the sole purpose being to mine Ore. This requires a Palworld base level of ten, but once you’ve hit that, your ore troubles are over.

We found that the best place to mine Ore isn’t too far from where you begin your journey. Just behind the Desolate Church is a cluster of around 8 Ore deposits, just begging to be mined. While you cannot set up a base next to the church, you can build one near the cliff edge at the back, allowing you and your pals access to the ore.

Palworld ore farm: a person riding on the back of a giant bird.

Ensure that you deploy pals with only mining as an ability in this area; those with logging will wander off getting rid of trees instead of collecting Ore. Set up a few storage boxes and you’re done (make sure your pals have a bed each and food aplenty, too). Check back periodically and vacuum up all that delicious Ore that is waiting.

You can either transport this Ore back to your original base or set up a furnace operation at your secondary one. The only drawback is that resources located in one base do not transfer over to the other, so you will have to physically transport the goods to your manufacturing center.

Now that you have all the Palworld Ore you could possibly need, it’s time to get out there and slay some of the Palworld bosses who are waiting for you. Ensure you’re stocked up for the journey with Palworld cooking, and read up on Palworld jobs so your base remains fully functional even when you’re gone.