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Palworld patch notes add the game’s first raid boss and much more

Palworld patch notes have arrived, bringing the open-world game’s first raid boss along with new items, passives, and upgrades.

Palworld patch notes and new raid boss Bellanoir - A Pal in a black robe with eyes on it, and one-sided blue hair.

Palworld patch notes are here, and the new Palworld update brings the first raid boss Bellanoir to town. On top of that, there’s a whole new heap of upgrades, including new items, buildings, passives, armor, and some welcome quality-of-life improvements. If the year’s biggest hits such as Dragon’s Dogma 2, Helldivers 2, and Balatro have caused you to step away from your Pals, now is the time to return to Pocketpair’s mammoth 2024 hit.

The new Palworld patch notes are centered around the arrival of the new raid boss, Bellanoir, but there’s a hefty helping of welcome additions that should make now a great time to return to one of 2024’s best open-world games. Bellanoir is an especially dangerous addition to the roster of Palworld bosses, and gets even tougher with a special extreme difficulty variant for the toughest tamers to tackle.

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You can summon Bellanoir by using slabs at a new Summoning Altar – as noted, this raid boss is a very powerful opponent and can’t be captured, so you’ll want to work alongside your base Pals to bring her down. There is a chance for Pal Eggs to drop upon defeating the boss, however. Fortunately, there are also some new ways to help get ready.

New manuals and stat-boosting items can be collected and used to quickly earn Pal experience points, ancient technology points, and Pal stats, while a recovery medicine item will allow you to slowly recover health over time. The new Homeward Thundercloud, meanwhile, allows you to instantly teleport to your nearest base. If you’re playing on a dedicated Palworld server, you’ll also be able to pick up items dropped by other players on death after 24 hours of real time have passed.

Catching Palworld Pals just got a lot easier, too. Ability Glasses can now be equipped to see the stats of Pals and you’ll now see how many of a given Pal type you’ve already captured when aiming a sphere at them. The new Mercy Hit passive and Ring of Mercy item both prevent you from lowering enemy HP to zero when attacking – meaning the Pal you’re trying to capture will always be left alive with a single point of health.

The new Multiclimate Undershirt is the perfect way to stop worrying about the weather, as it protects against both heat and cold, while an Electric Egg Incubator can now be built that will automatically adjust to the optimum temperature for each of the eggs it’s holding. There’s also a new Ore Mining Site that you can build to quickly produce ores in your own base.

Palworld Raid Boss Bellanoir - A tamer and a group of Pals take on the new blue-and-black creature as meteors rain from the sky.

There’s more welcome base upgrades as well. Chest filters let you quickly tag which item types are allowed (or not) inside a given chest. Crafted items will now be transported to chests when finished, and building placement rules have been relaxed slightly to allow more varied structures.

Alongside the full patch notes, developer Pocketpair says it’s currently “planning a larger, more content-packed update for the summer” where we’ll visit “a new island, home to many new pals” along with plenty more additional buildings, weapons, and bosses to discover.

Until then, you’ll want to grab the best Palworld mods to keep things spicy, and make sure you haven’t missed any essentials with our comprehensive Palworld guide.

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