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Palworld’s Pokemon mod is back, and now it’s “legally distinct”

The Palworld Pokemon mod from ToastedShoes is back, but this time it's legally distinct from Nintendo's own franchise, and available now.

Palworld Pokemon mod legally distinct: a man with a brown beard and red cap, with a yellow rat on his shoulder

After Nintendo issued a copyright claim against YouTuber ‘ToastedShoes’ for modding Pokemon into Palworld and planning to release it for free, they’ve come back and made the mod “legally distinct,” meaning all the Pokemon IP has been removed. The mod is available as of right now, after Nexus Mods decided to distance itself from Palworld Pokemon mods for fear of Nintendo’s legal action.

Palworld mods are already exploding all over the internet, but none made as big a mark as ToastedShoes’ Palworld Pokemon mod. Featuring Ash, Pikachu, Woloo, and many more of the adorable creatures brought into Palworld, the mod very quickly caught Nintendo’s eye.

This caused the Palworld modding community to go into a frenzy, with ToastedShoes getting a Nintendo DMCA and many others running for cover. Now, ToastedShoes and their team of modders have revamped their Pokemon mod to make it different enough from Nintendo’s intellectual property, and it’s out now.

ToastedShoes’ team tells PCGamesN this new “legally distinct” version of the Palworld Pokemon mod “very specifically does not infringe on any of Nintendo’s rights. It will feature fan-favorite pocket-sized creatures like ‘Yellow Rat’ and many more.” You can see it in action below.

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Not just the Pals have changed either, as in ToastedShoes’ mod you’ll catch the creatures in jars. You will also, for added spice, have to fend off a cease and desist letter from none other than Better Call Saul’s Saul Goodman.

The mod is back on Nexus Mods as of right now, with the changes coming after Nexus Mods said it’s “not comfortable” hosting Palworld Pokemon mods for fear of a Nintendo copyright claim.

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