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Palworld, Pokemon’s evil twin, beats Warframe as Steam’s top-seller

Pokémon-with-guns Palworld has rocketed to the top of Steam's US and global top-seller charts, despite being out for less than a day.

Palworld Steam sales: A young protagonist from new Steam survival game Palworld

Gotta sell ’em all! Palworld, a tongue-in-cheek, gun-heavy spin on Pokémon, has launched into Early Access today, and it’s shot right to the top of Steam’s US and global top-sellers charts, rocketing past Warframe.

As launches go, Palworld developer Pocketpair has a lot to be happy about. A few days after reassuring players that this monster collecting / survival game mash-up wasn’t a The Day Before-style scam, it’s sitting pretty at the top of both the US and global top seller charts.

Some even reported Steam’s payment system struggling to handle the sudden rush of purchasers. According to SteamDB, nearly 170,000 people are playing it on Steam, on top of however many have it through Game Pass.

Going by its ‘very positive’ rating on Steam, responses from players who have gotten into Palworld have been very favorable. But even if you’ve yet to purchase it, there’s fun to be had just hearing players discover how dark the game can get.

Charts showing Palworld is Steam's top seller in the US and globally.

Yes, Palworld is Pokémon-with-guns, but it also plays on the fact that Nintendo’s offering literally has you enslaving animals and making them fight. So, be warned, there’s more than a little ‘animal’ cruelty in Palworld. Make sure you get the best Palworld Pals if you want to maximize your success.

We’ve made a few interesting discoveries in Palworld so far, including a distinctly x-rated Pal that perhaps partly explains why the game is so popular. You can also check out the entire Palworld map to start finding some of the best secrets.

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Palworld is out now in Steam Early Access, and is also available through Game Pass. To get you going, here are the best Palworld starters and also a huge guide on how to level up fast in Palworld, to get you where you need to be in quick order.

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