How to level up fast in Palworld

Here are all the ways you can level up fast in Palworld, including details on how to get bonus EXP points and the quickest leveling method.

An Anubis using their powers to fight against off-screen foes and level up fast in Palworld.

How do you level up fast in Palworld? It can be daunting to wander the wilderness unprepared, but it’s terrifying when a Pal you encounter is at least double the level of your strongest ally and decides you’ve encroached far enough into its territory. You’ll need to train hard to survive and take on the Syndicate’s leaders.

While it’s essential to keep your Pals levels up in Palworld, there are other things you need to learn to keep up with the mounting pressure of fending off invaders and resource gathering. Therefore, you need to know how to upgrade Palworld bases, how Palworld breeding works, and which Palworld jobs are available for your critters to do while you’re off adventuring. That said, here are the best methods for gaining levels fast for you and your Pals in Palworld.

The trainer is about to fire arrows at the low level creatures ahead to level up fast in Palworld.

How to level up quickly in Palworld

While you could just sit at your base and create things, you’ll only get some experience points. Going out into the wild and fighting against monsters is one way of getting more experience, but if you want the most efficient ways to level up yourself and your Pals, you will need to invest in some items.

The quickest way to level up early is to stock up on Pal Spheres, venture outside your base, and catch Pals. New Pals in your Paldeck will give you a slight yet significant EXP boost, but capturing multiple of the same creatures in quick succession will give you an increasing bonus for each one you get. Finding clusters of lower-level Pals shouldn’t be too tricky, so you can breeze through the early game this way.

A trainer is about to fire arrows at a Chillet to help level up fast in Palworld.

Once you and your Pals reach around level 11, you should be able to start taking on the first few Alpha Pals. Toward the lower right corner of the Palworld map, you can find a Chillet southwest of the Fort Ruins waypoint. Alpha Pals respawn every in-game day, so it’s a good way of grinding for experience and grabbing a bunch of Palworld Ancient Civilization Parts.

The only other thing to remember is that your Pal’s levels are capped at your level, so while you can train them to get more experience, they won’t see the benefits, such as learning new moves, until your level matches theirs.

That’s everything you need to know about how to level up fast in Palworld. We highly recommend that you learn more about which Pals you want on your team by checking out the complete Palworld Paldeck and learn more about the Palworld fighting mechanics to learn type matchups.