Payday 2 just got a new heist, and it marks the end of Texas Heat

Payday 2 has just dropped its brand-new Crude Awakening Heist, and its set to be the final one for the Starbreeze FPS' Texas Heat campaign story.

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Payday 2 is one of those multiplayer games that simply isn’t slowing down any time soon, due largely to its unique features from its thrilling gameplay to its silly themes. Starbreeze has just released a brand-new heist for Payday 2‘s Texas Heat campaign, dubbed the Crude Awakening Heist. The fresh heist is also set to be the final one for Texas Heat, arriving ahead of the developer’s planned fall release for its new entry to the FPS series, Payday 3.

Coming as the conclusion of Texas Heat’s story and more important the end of the Payday sequel’s era, the Crude Awakening Heist follows Alice Rainey as she’s on the run, hiding out at one of her business enterprises in the Gulf of Mexico. As stated by the Payday 2 developers themselves, “like many have been made to learn before her, one does not simply hide from the Payday gang.”

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The new optional content features a unique setting and objectives, much like Payday 3 will. You can hit the SERA oil rig yourself and grab the Texas Heat conclusion DLC on Steam here right now. Payday 2’s Crude Awakening Heist costs $6.99 / £5.99, but you can choose to bundle it up with other DLC from the game for cheaper.

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