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Payday 3 will be “much more refined” than Payday 2

In Payday 3 interview, Starbreeze sat down to discuss what players can expect, and how the game will compare to its iconic predecessor.

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Payday 3 is just around the corner, and Starbreeze could not have made us any more excited for the upcoming FPS game than we already are. From an entirely new setting to fresh gameplay mechanics, Payday 3 is likely to be one of this year’s biggest releases. While we do have one trailer to scour for details, the developer has also been discussing what the series’ newest entry is bringing to the table in an interview, giving a closer look at the soon-to-launch shooter.

With the Payday 3 release date quickly approaching, Starbreeze’s lead producer Andreas Hall-Penninger and head of community Almir Listo sat down with VGC for an in-depth interview detailing what sets the third entry apart from the previous two games. When asked about the biggest changes in Payday 3, the new game was described by Listo as “the evolution of the Payday franchise.” From improved stealth to better SWAT units, the gameplay experience is set to be smoother thanks to improved AI.

When responding, Listo said that the SWAT teams “care about civilians, so if you have a bunch of civilians around you, they won’t throw grenades.” As for the civilians themselves, they too “act in a much more human-like fashion now.” Listo also mentioned that we will have “100 different skills” available for use to build our characters in different ways.

Payday 3 shouldn’t be too much of a shock to new players with its changes, as Hall-Penninger said that there are going to be “four different tutorials at launch for players who haven’t played Payday at all – one focused on combat, one focused on mask-off stealth, one on mask-on stealth, and one for crowd control”. When asked about the game being too intimidating to newcomers, Listo stated that Payday 3 is “not a horde shooter in the way Payday 2 was” but is “much more refined.”

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For instance, there is less law enforcement to worry about, but they’re more deadly, serious, and clever. They also “take longer to strike down”. Listo said that Starbreeze’s access to new technology is what prompted these changes and refinement, as it “offers us so many opportunities.” When asked about feedback from Payday 2 that has stuck with them during the development of Payday 3, Hall-Penninger simply replied with “no more collabs” while Listo laughed.

“What the community members mean when they say that is that they don’t want us to dilute the integrity of the game,” he said, stating that Payday fans want to see the in-game universe expand rather than team up with other games’ casts. At launch, Payday 3 will have just eight heists. Compared to Payday 2’s 12 initial heists, this may seem low, but Listo said that “they were much smaller.” In terms of post-launch plans, Hall-Penninger stated that more will be revealed about the roadmap when the game nears its September release.

The producer then added that “we’re going to do more heists and characters and weapons, for us it’s more about being additive from a core perspective as well.” He also teased whole new features, and new game modes, asking “who knows?” Chiming in at the end of the interview, Listo referred to Payday 3 as “our Godfather moment, getting to wrap up a trilogy.” He did specify though, “that doesn’t mean it’s the end of anything for us, it’s just the beginning”.

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