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Payday 3 reveals early access stats, with “staggering” heist numbers

Starbreeze Studio has just revealed what its Payday 3 early access players are up to in-game, showcasing everything from the most popular heist to kill numbers.

Payday 3 early access stats: A clown mask with red light prongs sticking out from its white face against a dark backdrop with dollar bills floating around

Payday 3 is shaping up to have one of this year’s biggest FPS game launches, with Starbreeze Studio hard at work on its recently released early-access version. With the full Payday 3 launch nearing closer each day, the developer is sharing more information about the ins and outs of heisting in-game. We recently got to glance at some interesting early access player statistics, showcasing what lucky fans are up to while exploring the pre-release build. From heist stats to kill numbers, players are definitely keeping busy with the game’s current content.

Ahead of the Payday 3 release date, the dev showcased some preliminary stats. “We’ve just come up on our first day of Payday 3’s Play Early period,” Starbreeze writes in the post. The dev goes on to say, “we want to share some statistics showcasing your staggering heisting talent.” Attached to the post is an image detailing said stats, starting with the number of bags secured.

So far, players have managed to steal over three million bags, raking in almost a whopping 200 million in cash. The early access kills thus far are just as impressive, with over 20 million. We can also see which heists are proving most popular, with No Rest for the Wicked coming out on top and Road Rage following close behind. Third place goes to Dirty Ice.

Payday 3 statistics regarding early access players

Loud heists are more enticing than stealth heists, or perhaps just easier to pull off, as over 200,000 more players have taken part in them. If you’re wondering about the best Payday 3 weapon, it looks like it’s either the CAR-4, Reinfeld 880, or the SA A114. Such guns were used to take out a couple thousand civilians (oops) and over a million enemies. Out of every shot, over 300,000 of them have landed as critical hits.

Sportsmanship also seems to be in full swing, with almost half a million revivals so far. The stats are a fun look at what’s still to come, and they also give those of us without early access content to look forward to. Get ready to gear up with your Reinfield for a loud heist, because there’s No Rest for the Wicked. As put by the dev team itself, “You’ve done well so far, heisters, keep up the good work!”

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