Ice-T shows off his “own special heist mission” in Payday 3

Starbreeze is releasing its iconic FPS game Payday 3 soon, and it looks like the developer has teamed up with none other than Ice-T himself for a heist mission.

Payday 3 Ice-T: three men wearing suits and clown masks walk down a lit street in the night

Payday 3 is releasing soon, and Starbreeze is gearing up for the FPS game‘s launch at Gamescom right now. In a twist of events that took fans by surprise, iconic rapper Ice-T made an appearance during the opening night showcase to announce that he has teamed up with Payday 3 for an official in-game heist mission of his own. If you’ve ever wondered what one of your favorite musical artists could produce with your favorite game developer, then this heist should be right up your alley.

Ice-T took over during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live event, saying, “I’ve hooked up with my favorite gaming world, Payday.” The rapper went on to reveal that “I have my own special heist mission,” stating that he’s personally got plenty of experience with heists himself. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a more iconic Gamescom moment myself personally, but the new Port Jersey heist trailer that followed Ice-T’s announcement is up there.

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That’s right, the new Ice-T heist is based in Port Jersey, and you’ll be looking for its particularly valuable goods. Since it’s a port, there’s constant loot going in and out. Starbreeze also introduced its new contact Mac, saying he “has put us on the trail of some highly valuable quantum processors being sent through the Roger Wilson Shipping Company.”

If you are excited about the game’s launch, make sure your PC is prepared by checking out the full Payday 3 system requirements. You can also look through a few of our other favorite crime games to live out your wildest bank-robbing dreams right now.