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Payday 3 dev says “more heists are in development”

Starbreeze Entertainment has just confirmed that new Payday 3 heists are currently in the works, alongside some other big gameplay features.

Payday 3 new heists: a character wearing a white and beige suit slides on the floor with her gun in hand, a clown mask covering her face

Payday 3 has had a somewhat rough recent launch, but Starbreeze Entertainment is hard at work behind the scenes on updates and new content to improve the player experience overall. The developer addressed the game’s online matchmaking issues, but the team isn’t done updating Payday 3 just yet. While Starbreeze revealed that new heists were coming in an official roadmap, a recent livestream saw the developer announce that even more heists were currently underway.

During a series of live update streams from Starbreeze, various upcoming features and fixes for Payday 3 were uncovered. The developer responds to a question about why the FPS game has “so little content at launch,” saying that it may seem barren when compared to Payday 2’s decade’s worth of content but that it won’t be this way for long. “We are going to update the game with free and paid content in the post-launch to improve the experience.”

The developer’s series of livestreams also confirms that the new heists are a part of something even bigger. Starbreeze says that the team has “a post-launch campaign” that it has started to prepare “featuring new characters, new heists, new quality-of-life features, and much more.” It seems as though this additional content would have arrived even sooner had it not been for “technical issues” since the dev mentions having to “re-prioritize and focus on making sure that the servers are stable” first.

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This means we’ll likely see more Payday 3 matchmaking upgrades ahead of the new heists. Regardless, we now know that the team has big plans and that they are already in development. In a recent thread following the livestreams, the upcoming heists were further confirmed in response to a player asking if they are currently in the works. “Yep,” Starbreeze writes. “More heists are in development.”

It’s exciting to see how the third entry to Starbreeze’s iconic series ends up playing after all of these updates. If you haven’t yet checked the new game out yourself, you should read through our Payday 3 review to learn its current ins and outs. When the servers are working properly, it’s a genuinely addictive game.

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