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All Genshin Impact Phantasmal Conch locations

Here are all the Genshin Impact Phantasmal Conch locations so you can unlock Fischl’s Ein Immernachtstraum outfit for free in the 2.8 update

Genshin Impact Resonating visions Fischl

Looking for Phantasmal Conches in the Genshin Impact? No doubt you are, as Hoyoverse celebrates Summer in the anime game once again. Partake in the Resonating Visions Genshin Impact event and collect every Phantasmal Conch to receive a new outfit for Fischl.

The majority of the Phantasmal Conches you need to collect are located in the Golden Apple Archipelago, which has returned once again. In order to access the Golden Apple Archipelago, and the Resonating Visions event, you must have reached Adventure Rank 32 or above. You need to complete the quest Summertime Odyssey: I to reach the archipelago. Once there, climb mountains and cross waters to find your conches, with our handy maps below helping you find all Phantasmal Conch locations.

All Day 1 Phantasmal Conches

The first 14 Phantasmal Conch locations are now available, and you can kick start your collection by retrieving them all before the second wave is released.

There are three Phantasmal Conches located on Twinning Isle. Use the Twinning Isle north waypoint to get closest to the first two. Then, facing south, climb the mountain to the top, and head north east at the summit where you will find a conch. Descend south west to the shore for a second. Now use the Twinning Isle south waypoint and cross the water to the island to the east, as marked in our images below. This Echoing Conch is almost straight in front of you, slightly inland.

There are four Phantasmal Conches to collect on Broken Isle, so teleport to the Broken Isle waypoint next. Two conches are located to your left and two to your right. Glide down from the mountain, facing in a north west direction where a conch is sitting on a rock below. Then, head slightly further north west to a second conch, easily spotted on a rock near the shore.

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For the remaining two Broken Isle conches, travel by foot or, to get there quicker, teleport back to the Broken Isle waypoint. This time, glide down in a north easterly direction, where another conch is on a rock by the water. The fourth is on the separate island, so walk across the shallow water and follow the southern shore line to your next Phantasmal Conch.

Next, teleport to Pudding Isle, where a Phantasmal Conch is waiting for you right beside the waypoint. Another is then located almost directly south of the waypoint, if you glide down to the water’s edge. The third and final Pudding Isle conch is then located on the western edge, so simply follow the shoreline.

For the Phantasmal Conch locations on Minacious Isle, teleport to the island, and head south west to the rocky area. While one conch is located on the ground under the ruins, you must climb the rock face to reach the others. One is right at the very top of the mountain, while the other – an Imaging Conch – is harder to find. Use our maps below and your mini-map to locate it among the rocks and vines.

Finally, teleport to the waypoint on the middle island, and head south west towards the camp. An Imaging Conch is waiting on a crate right in the centre of the campsite.

Day 2 Phantasmal Conch location

Some of the remaining Phantasmal Conches are appearing in story domains, so don’t waste time searching the islands. Firstly, make sure you are up to date with the Summertime Odyssey questline, as the 15th conch location is found within the day two “As the Courtyard in Spring once appeared” story.

Working through “As the Courtyard…”, the islands in the Golden Apple Archipelago change, revealing additional locations. The day two conch is hidden in the expanded Pudding Isle. You can either find the conch as you complete the quest for the first time, or by going back to it. With the new southeast island extension showing on your minimap, glide down from the Pudding Isle waypoint. Fend off some enemies at the bottom then retrieve the Rock Garden Rough Stone from the Exquisite Chest.

Take the stone back up to the waypoint north of Pudding Isle and place it into the bonzai nearby, launching the scattered space puzzles again. Complete these, and the day two conch is located in the final room.

There is now an additional conch location available with the day two quest completed. Head back to the ruins at the north edge of Broken Isle and change the Island’s appearance to that which shows the small mountain to your right, not the tall one. Enter the cave in the new mountain, where you will need a pyro character to light torches and activate totems. Upon completion of the puzzles, the conch is located on a lantern in the drained pond.

Broken Isle Day 2 Conch location

Day 3 Phantasmal Conch location

Day three of Resonating Visions unlocks the Blazin’ Trails quest and another domain conch. Blazin’ Trails is a long quest and the conch is easy to miss, but again, you can go back into the quest once you’ve completed it to grab the missing conch.

Head to Broken Isle and activate the Blazin’ Trails questline. Part way through the trial, complete a timed challenge to unlock one of the Doors of Resurrection, behind which is an Exquisite Chest and an Echoing Conch. The conch is located on a rock, accessible by using a wind current triggered by completing another puzzle, or by climbing the rock.

You can now unlock Fischl’s Ein Immernachtstraum outfit, as you should have at least 16 Phantasmal Conches. Continue collecting further conches over the next few days to unlock all of the Resonating Visions event rewards.

Day 4 Phantasmal Conch location

Fischl’s story domain is now available, with the day four story “Immernachtreich Apokalypse” holding another conch location. Again, you can collect this conch within the first playthrough of the questline, or by heading back in afterwards. When you enter this domain, use the nearby device to create a staircase in front of you. Head up two flights of stairs and cross the bridge to your right. The conch is on a table to your right hand side.

Now you have completed the Summertime Odyssey day four event, Twinning Isle has a new appearance. Head to the northernmost island, where three ravens are sitting by a well. Talk to the three raven statues and help them by throwing three stones in the well. Any stones will do, so use whichever you can afford to spare. The conch will rise from the well.

Twinning isle Day 4 conch location

Day 5 Phantasmal Conch location

For the final Phantasmal Conch of the event, enter Mona’s domain in the day five quest, “The Ancient Azure Stars”. Upstairs in the domain, you must complete one of Mona’s four Astral Puzzles from constellation patterns on the wall. Upon completion, an Exquisite Chest appears and a secret door is revealed. Open the door, follow the path upwards, and the 20th and final conch is sitting on a table to your left.

That’s it! Now you should have every Phantasmal Conch, and the Resonating Visions event is complete. From the event page, you can now collect every reward listed below.

Genshin Impact Resonating Visions rewards

Here’s a list of the Genshin Impact Resonating Visions rewards:

  • Fischl’s Ein Immernachtstraum Outfit
  • Primogems
  • Mora
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • Hero’s Wit
  • Talent Ascension Materials

New Fischl Ein Immernachtstraum outfit in the shop

If you don’t rank high enough to participate in the Genshin Impact Resonating Visions event, or you don’t gather all the Phantasmal Conches in time, you can still get the new Fischl outfit. Once the event ends and Genshin Impact 3.0 is released, Fischl’s Ein Immernachtstraum outfit will be available to purchase for 1,680 Genesis Crystals.

So that’s every Phantasmal Conch location in the Genshin Impact Resonating Visions event so far. Now you have got to know Fischl a little better, and unlocked her new outfit, take a look at where she sits on our Genshin Impact tier list, alongside new character Heizou.