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PUBG Season 11 looks set to start in April with new story content

A PUBG dataminer has found references to Season 11 in PUBG Mobile

An update to the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile seems to hint at a starting time frame for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Season 11, and refers to new story content on the way. The next season of the granddaddy of battle royale games looks like it’s kicking off next month, although it’s anyone’s guess right now what that story content will look like.

PUBG leaker and dataminer PlayerIGN posted a block of text apparently discovered in the Chinese language version of PUBG Mobile, along with the Google translation. We’ll point out here that a lot of nuance can be lost in machine translation, and Google’s parsing technology sometimes doesn’t get tenses or subject-object relationships right.

That out of the way, the update discusses how the mobile version of PUBG has historically drawn its updates directly from the PC version, but that the two versions are now plotting separate, independent courses. “[Don’t] worry, the team is preparing!” the translation reads. “The update of the PC version is also coming soon. In the upcoming Survival Season 11, it will also lead all survivors to experience the new story content of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in a brand new form.”

The text goes on to say that we’ll “see the real chapter” in April, presumably meaning the new season.

Season 10 has been an exciting one for PUBG, introducing the new Haven urban map that brought with it the new Pillar NPC faction and their ‘kill truck.’

We’re not yet sure what to expect in Season 11, although with some reorganisation underway at PUBG Corp, it may be wise to temper expectations a bit.