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PUBG 2 is not New State, expected 2022

A separate sequel is coming to PC and consoles

A PUBG sequel, in some form or other, is expected to arrive by 2022 for PC and consoles. This is a different game to the mobile-only PUBG: New State, a futuristic battle royale game revealed this past week.

Well known PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds dataminer PlayerIGN (no relation to IGN or its subsidiaries) tweeted that New State is not the eponymous PUBG 2 that’s been expected for some time now. In response to someone asking if New State is the followup we’ve been waiting for, PlayerIGN replied, “the PUBG 2 thing (PC/console) is something we’re still waiting for by 2022.”

He stated that New State is going to stay on mobile, at least for now, and it’s not expected to interact with any of the other versions of PUBG currently available. This lines up with a report from January that a mobile game was due this year, and another PUBG release next year. Developed by PUBG Corp and published by Krafton Inc., PUBG: New State drops players into a new 8×8 map called Troi. Set in 2051, it features futuristic vehicles, more destructible environments, and according to the initial press release, players can “enjoy next generation survival features that evolve the battlegrounds.” 

This is the first step towards a wider PUBG universe Krafton is gradually putting together. Last December, The Callisto Protocol, a single-player horror game from former Dead Space devs, was revealed to take place 300 years into PUBG’s future.

Here’s the trailer for New State:

You can pre-register for PUBG; New State via the Google Play store. Don’t forget about vanilla PUBG, mind – the team was just asking what features you might like to see in the future.