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PUBG’s update 10.3 is live, with new lighting for Karakin and selectable weapon sounds

Update 10.3 is now live in PUBG's public servers, with a host of performance enhancements and new features

The latest patch for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has moved from the test servers to the public branch, bringing with it a host of fixes and tweaks, plus a few nice new features. Update 10.3 includes a lighting rework for the Karakin map, the new weapon sound select system, and emotes that sync with your squad mates. Let’s dig in.

Taking the changes in the order they’re highlighted in the official patch notes, the first big new item is the weapon sound select system. This new feature lets you pick between the original weapon sounds and the new remastered versions on a per-weapon basis. For the time being, it’s enabled for the M249, M416, Kar98k, and SKS. You can pick which sounds you want for each of these PUBG guns in the settings menu, under the audio tab.

Karakin has gotten a new pass on its lighting, as well as an additional bug-fixing pass across the map. PUBG Corp says the pass is aimed at “improving overall lighting and giving each area its own unique feel and tone”.

Update 10.3 also adds an auto-kick function for AFK players in training mode. That’ll kick in after a 10-second warning, and players who get kicked in this fashion will see a message on their screens explaining what happened. PUBG says that players who go AFK in training mode while queuing for ranked in dual matchmaking will get kicked out of the training mode session, but they’ll remain in the ranked queue.

Finally, with update 10.3 you can sync up your emotes with squadmates who are within 15 metres of your character, or while you’re in the lobby. You can find more information about emotes, including how many players can sync up with it, in the customisation menu.

Under the hood, update 10.3 makes some performance optimisations, and should result in a better-running battle royale game on CPUs with low core counts. PUBG Corp says it’s made several memory optimisations and process improvements, so most players should see some performance boost with this patch.