Project Zomboid now supports 100-player servers, sort of

The latest stable patch for Project Zomboid adds experimental support for up to 100 people on a single multiplayer server, but it's going to be shaky

A horde of zombies swarms a white sedan in Project Zomboid

Sandbox survival game Project Zomboid has been enjoying a recent surge in popularity since its developers rolled out multiplayer server support late last year. In the latest patch, the number of players you can have on a single Project Zomboid server has been increased from 32 to 100 – but the devs say to be prepared for shaky performance if you pack that many players onto one map.

In the patch notes that mark version 41.66 moving from the unstable branch to the stable branch, developer The Indie Stone says it has “increased experimental maximum player limit to 100,” although the default multiplayer maximum remains set at 32. The devs warn that “servers with more than 32 players will likely result in poor map streaming and desync, so proceed with caution.”

One hundred is a lot of players (and inventories, and health statuses) to track all at the same time, so it’s little wonder things get a bit frayed when player counts get up that high in Project Zomboid. Update 41.66 contains plenty of other changes too, however: you can also add a login queue for your multiplayer servers now, anti-cheat security has been improved, and there’s a new admin panel for creating safehouses and safe zones.

There’s heaps more new stuff in the patch. There’s a handy new trait reset button during character creation, you’ll see corner pillars built automatically when you’re putting up fences and walls, and now you can eat beans and perogies. Delicious!

You can check the full patch notes over on the official site, and you can pick up your very own copy of Project Zomboid over at the Humble Store, if you fancy one.

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