Rainbow Six Siege dev: “I feel sorry for any game that tries our recipe now”

Rainbow Six Siege's director doesn't envy any competitors.

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Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege is over six years old and it’s still one of the best multiplayer games on PC, with a lot of new content coming soon in Year 7 Season 1 – Operation: Demon Veil. Siege is in such a strong position, in fact, that the game’s director says it should be “pretty intimidating” for any team-based tactical shooter competitors.

Rainbow Six Siege is getting ready to launch its Year 7 with Demon Veil, complete with a new operator who can repair breaches. Speaking to PCGamesN, creative director Alex Karpazis confirms that Siege is here to stay, and that it’s “going to receive all the support it needs to be as successful as it needs to be”. He adds: “We have long-term ambitions”.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Siege is, despite still being incredibly popular, there has never been a direct triple-A competitor. We asked Karpazis about this, and he told us, “I feel sorry for any game that tries that kind of recipe now”.

“We have seven years of technology and systems and operators and stories,” says Karpazis, “this game is more than the package it was six years ago. Because we’re a live service and because we’ve done so much investment, I think it’s actually pretty intimidating to compete with something like that now. We take immense pride in that”.

You can check out all the details on Siege’s new operators right here. Karpazis also spoke to us about Azami and how she went through several iterations – including an operator called “Flubber” who could create “piles of green goo”.

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