Rainbow Six Siege’s server upgrade is nearly complete

You should be seeing better stability and more reliable framerates in most parts of the world

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5

The server migration that Ubisoft announced for multiplayer co-op game Rainbow Six Siege last month is now nearly complete, and the company says that should be noticeable on the user side in the form of more reliable framerates and match connectivity.

The migration for PC and PlayStation servers is “nearly global”, Ubisoft says, with the last remaining migration due in the South Africa data center still left to be done. That’s on the to-do list as a long-term goal, so it’s unclear when players in South Africa will start seeing the improved performance. The Siege team has relocated data centers in Japan and Australia, and players in those regions should be seeing a significant bump in connection reliability and performance, Ubisoft says.

According to the company’s stats, connection failures in Japan have fallen by 30%, while those in Australia have dropped by 13%, since the move. Ubisoft’s figures indicate that for PC and PlayStation, global game servers are now running at “a smooth 60 fps” more than 96% of the time, up from a previous average of around 92%.

Here’s the tweet with Ubisoft’s server update stats:

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You can also always check out the Rainbow Six Siege server status on the official website.