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Rainbow Six Siege gameplay leak shows potential Splinter Cell crossover

A gameplay clip that seems to reveal two new ops has popped up online

Rainbow Six Siege

It looks like we might have got our first look at two Rainbow Six Siege new operators headed to the game this year, via some leaks that have appeared online. There’s nothing concrete just yet, but a few different sources that have popped up mean we can start to get a picture of what seems to be in the pipeline for the FPS game’s upcoming Seasons 3 and 4 in 2020.

As spotted by PCGamer, Redditor PapaCapinya has helpfully compiled a bunch of different recent Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 leaks and rumours into one post, which it seems have appeared pretty early into the ops’ development cycle.

First up, there’s a (very shaky) clip posted by the Gamer Felonies YouTube channel – which also revealed the game’s recent Grand Larceny event earlier this year – that appears to show both a defending and an attacking op. It’s hard to make out much detail, but it seems there’s a Splinter Cell-style attacker who’s codename is ‘Scout’, and a Thai defending op called ‘Aruni’.

This seems consistent with a recent post from reliable Siege leaker Kormora on ResetEra, who says, on the topic of some other Season 3 operator image leaks on Reddit, “Funny you ask. I was told the other day that the Season 3 operator will be a crossover with a well known Ubi franchise (no idea if it’s Sam Fisher himself) and his ability is some sort of drilled camera that sees through walls. Only thing I heard from my dev friend for S4 was ‘lasers’.”

User PapaCapinya has pulled out a couple of sets of screens from the YouTube clip and some other leaks which perhaps give us an idea of the two ops’ respective kit, too. As noted in the Reddit post, it’s possible Scout’s primary weapon is a rifle titled ‘SC3000X’, which could point to a Splinter Cell link, with ‘SC’ also making up part of Sam Fisher’s own weapons in the stealth games series. He’ll reportedly have a 5.7 USG secondary weapon and a gadget that’s both a launcher of some kind and a device that can drill through walls (with a green sight reminiscent of Splinter Cell, too).

YouTube Thumbnail

Details on Aruni, on the other hand, are a little clearer in the clip. Her name (possibly also a codename) can be seen in the op. selection screen, along with the name of her gadget, ‘Laser Reinforcement’. In the gameplay itself, however, it seems it’s possibly titled ‘Surya Gate’ and allows the op. to pop up to four devices of some sort onto different surfaces, such as windows and doorways, though it can’t really be seen in action in the footage.

In addition, it seems Aruni has a robotic arm, which allows the defender to punch through obstacles like barricades and walls easy-peasy, as well as an Mk14 DBR as a primary weapon.

Along with these operator glimpses, the clip also seems to show an upcoming rework of Siege’s Chalet map in the background. There’s plenty to unpack from the clip, so it’s worth heading to the Redditor’s post if you’re keen to see more observations and ideas about what might be on the way to the game.

It’s equally worth bearing in mind that all of the above is far from confirmed at this point. However, given it would be very difficult to put the shaky clip together if it wasn’t real, the previous Grand Larceny event leak, previous signs a Splinter Cell tie-in could be happening, and what we can expect to see from the Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 roadmap, it looks at least pretty likely we’ll see some kind of robotic-armed defender and Splinter Cell-style op head to Siege sometime in 2020.