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Free Games: Rayman Legends is free on the Epic Games store

The colourful platformer is the latest weekly freebie

If you’ve spent all your spare cash on Black Friday discounts, but still want one last deal, the Epic Games store’s weekly freebie has you covered. From now until December 6, Rayman Legends is up for grabs for the heavily reduced price of, well, nothing.

Though a great game in single-player, as with pretty much all Rayman adventures, where Rayman Legends really shines is in the co-op. Grabbing up for four mates and trying to navigate the colourful and increasingly difficult levels, many of which are designed specifically to kill you in hilariously irritating ways, makes for great light-hearted fun.

The 2013 Ubisoft platformer, a sequel to 2010’s quasi-reboot Rayman Origins, capitalised on the playful energy and tight gameplay of its predecessor to make what is one of the better platform games available on PC. The game struggled to gain traction in sales when it was released, becoming a hit over time after disappointing numbers initially. If you’re one of the ones that glossed over it back then, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a chance.

The freebies on Epic Games store have allowed users to amass a pretty impressive selection of games without paying a penny. The likes of Celeste, one of our top platform games on PC, Inside, Nuclear Throne, and many other top-rated games have been offered as a way of getting people to sign up.

Alongside Rayman Legends, the store is holding a Black Friday sale, with discounts on the likes of Red Dead Redemption 2 (which isn’t out on Steam until next week), The Outer Worlds, and Borderlands 3. The selection on the EGS isn’t quite as robust as its peers in GOG and Steam, but if you cross-reference with our lists of best horror games, best survival games, best stealth games, and best action-adventure games, you’re likely to find something worth your fancy. Oh, and don’t forget our best free PC games list, too!

Rayman Legends is available for free until December 6.